good times

Man, I saw a crap ton of people today!
First my mom and I went grocery shopping and I somehow got a double coupon on my roast so I got two pork roasts for $2. At first I was all worried that I was messing with karma but now I’m thinking this is good karma for the whole Target ordeal a couple weeks back.

After that I spent 90 minutes or so at home before heading to a bridal shower for Matt’s cousin. I’m really glad she wants kids and has baby fever because Jonas kind of stole the show. It was a very fun shower (as far as bridal showers go) and I won a very cute and pretty necklace and earring set one of the hostesses made. Then Jonas tried some pasta for the first time (mini rings in pasta salad) and I ate too much.

This was unfortunate as our friends Jason and Andrea came over and made us the long promised dinner which consisted of Pork loin and potatoes and a super yummy carrot and ginger soup. It was so good but alas I couldn’t eat as much as I’d like.

All in all a good day which was slightly marred by this stupid headache that won’t freaking go away. So, I’m going to take some more advil, have a glass of wine and shoo my cat away from my glass of water.

Good night!


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