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So productive

Man, today was AWESOME! I made a long list last night of things to do today and then passed out watching some “sexiest women in film” countdown on the TV Guide channel just two “sexiest women” from THE sexiest film woman person thing. Who was it?? Was it Audrey? Was it Anjelina? Who knows? Not me, darn it.

Today we tackled the list and made baby food, did four loads of laundry, packed away the collection of bottles Jonas never used, cleaned out the file cabinet that hasn’t been looked at in two years, did the dishes, bathed Jonas, and vacuumed the broken glass from my favorite (and only) glass pillar candle holder that MEENA knocked over in a fit of crazy kitten spazzing outness. Oh and I finalized my jewelry selection from the jewelry party.

But I’m too exhausted to talk about the details (I hear your rejoicing all the way from here) and am watching MST3K “Santa Defeats the Martians” so here. Look at the fun I’ve had with photoshop.

No, I’m not an egomaniac I just think this is a neat pic:

Sultry, no?

Sultry, no?

Nothing like some photoshop to take away the paley paleness of my Minnesota winter pallor.


4 Responses

  1. Isn’t it crazy how sometimes nothing gets done and other times you can be super woman? Thanks for the reminder that I was running low on baby food! šŸ˜‰

  2. Sultry? more like you look like a cat ready to pounce on its prey! Was Matt taking the picture?

  3. Dude, you are hot! Or should I say HAWT! Yes, let’s got with HAWT.

  4. No, I took the pic. The camera was balanced precariously on top of my jewelry box, checkbook, powerpuff Girl video and one other thing I can’t remember. And I was wearing a very low cut tank top.

    Thanks by the way šŸ™‚

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