I’ve got a lot of crap

Thanks, Jess, for the pic and the idea.

Where the magic happens

1) Remains of liquid refreshment and, in most cases, caffeine. Think there’s a coffee cup behind the water bottle

2) Do the Bender!

3) IM window (the most used application at my desk)

4) The last known whereabouts of the daffodil defeating itty bitty Ninja.

5) My geographic cheat sheet which should be Canada but I haven’t switched the pages around after learning the New England states

6) Digital frame that hasn’t been updated since Jonas was a month old.

7) Ghetto pad of scratch paper

8 ) Pic of nephew, neice, daughter and son/Shrine to Tim Gunn

9)Plant in front of awesome view of a beautiful bluff and, across the bluff, an amusement park where I watch the snow, the rain and, in the summer, the roller coasters.

10) Work!

11) File drawer of mystery

12) M.O.O.: Mothers Opposed to the Occult magnet

13) Old gross purse that I hate. Boo! Hiss! Spit!

14) SUPer Grover!

15) Wheat Thins

16) Stretch gloves with the tips cut off so I can type even when my hands are freezing. I feel so hard core in these

17) Jaden’s Final Four Brackets (Xavier’s Musketeers set to win big!)

18) Stash of gas station creamers because I can’t get some damn chocolate cream creamer from the damn grocery store

19) Mini Mr. Burns Bobble Head affixed to rarely used head set.

20) Fine Art

21) Conference Room

22) Jessie’s Coat


3 Responses

  1. something tells me your not telling the truth about number 3…..

  2. nevermind- I thought it said most UNUSED

  3. i so miss grover…has he forgoten me?

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