SNZ (That’s a colloquialism for Squirrel Nut Zippers)

In anticipation for the concert, Marcoda purchased an adorable outfit. The shoes arrived nearly a week ahead of schedule and were perfect. Perfect in appearance, yes, however it would appear that our heroine’s left foot is a titch wider than the right. No matter; she had dealt with small shoes before and she would deal now. Besides, her friend pointed out, she would have booze to dull the pain.

The dress arrived the night before the show and was almost uncomfortably small but damn her boobs looked good! To her basement, in a last ditch effort to find the corset from her wedding, she went. Marcoda found a box labeled “Marcoda’s Clothes” that had been forgotten on the top shelf in the storage room. Excitement filled her heart as she raced back upstairs and opened the lost treasure. BEHOLD: Skirts and tops and tights galore! And best of all both her black and her white corset lay neatly on top of it all.

The night of the show arrived and Marcoda hurried home to get dinner made for the kids and the sitter before the in-laws arrived. The in-laws arrived as she was setting dinner on the table and she ran to the bedroom to change. Calling her husband into the bedroom, she stripped down, sucked in and he synched up the corset.

“Which hooks are you using!” Marcoda gasped as he tugged and pulled.

“The first ones!”

“Oh…” and Marcoda cried a little inside.

Looking at the effect in the mirror, she wondered why her normal bra made the girls look better than the corset. She didn’t have time to ponder and instead put her regular bra on underneath the corset. On went the tights and shoes and she was ready to go.

“Do you have your confirmation email?” Her mother in law asked.

“No,” Marcoda replied sheepishly, “I accidentally deleted it.”

“We have the order number, the card it was purchased with and her ID so we’re hoping it wouldn’t be a problem,” her husband explained but Marcoda could see the worry on his face.

The sitter, who was also a free lance photographer in her spare time, tried to take pictures of the dolled up couple but, alas, the camera was on strike and wouldn’t work. No time to keep trying! Off to the show!

It was raining out so her father in law escorted each of the ladies out to the car under a giant umbrella, Marcoda taking care to avoid puddles on the driveway by stepping in the muddy mucky bog that her front yard had turned into. She’s classy like that.

On the way to the show, her husband called the venue to confirm they would be able to get in. The employee who answered had not a clue as to the workings of Will Call. Everyone was back to “hoping for the best.” Matt, her husband, was quietly brooding over the possibility of not getting in to see the band he’s been waiting years to see while his wife sat in the back feeling stupid and preparing herself for the barrage of curses that would inevitably come once they were denied access. Rosie, her mother in law, continually commented on how great Marcoda looked, which Marcoda appreciated.


Once they arrived at the venue, the foursome waiting in line in the rain feeling nervous and anxious as though they were trying to sneak in even though they’d purchased tickets like the good law abiding citizens they were.

All the worry turned out to be a waste of energy. Marcoda showed her ID and they were all granted access.


“Who wants a drink?” Bob, her father in law, asked and everyone raised their hands.

Drinks in hand and a sound booth to lean against, everyone relaxed and enjoyed the opening act while chatting jovially. After the opening act there was a very fun “jazz dance contest” that the group couldn’t quite see but enjoyed none-the-less.

Wherever Marcoda went, people complimented her on her dress and hair. She was on cloud nine, never having been even a third string belle of the ball before.

Two hours after arriving at the venue, though it hardly seemed more than 30 minutes, the Squirrel Nut Zippers took the stage.




The crowd roared, the dancers danced, and Marcoda and her husband basked in the joy that the music poured over them. They danced in they’re own weak swing style and didn’t care that they couldn’t do it. Marcoda tried her hand at a classic flapper dance move and nearly fell on the man standing near her. Many “I love yous” passed between her and Matt and neither of them could stop smiling. No one could be in a bad mood in that ball room that night.

Looking around he commented, “This is a classy concert.” And he was right, even with 70% of the crowd in jeans, it was a very classy concert.

After the show, Matt snagged the set list from the bassist and Marcoda stalked the front of the stage for autographs while the men retrieved the car. After getting the saxophonist’s autograph, she eyed the drummer and chatted with him about Minnesota and kids (he has two: 6 and 4) before it was time to go.


The happy couple arrived home around midnight and there some very “post concert” pics were taken.

snz-back-home snz-dip

All in all? A fantastic show and an absolutely perfect evening.

Go check out the band’s myspace page. They’re great.


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