A little self awareness goes a long way

This Wednesday I’m throwing one of those stupid catalogue parties that girls throw. Y’know what I’m talking about. It started with Mary Kay and TupperWare and it now includes everything from cooking gadgets to bras to “intimacy products”.

The one I’m throwing? Jewelry.

Because everything about me screams “Jewelry Hound.” I’m not sure how I got roped into this. Oh, that’s right. I saw shiny things and hor’s devours and thought “OOH! ME TOO!” I’m really only remotely interested in the jewelry itself, although it is all really pretty. And I can get mad discounts on any jewelry I purchase. IF people at my party order stuff. Which I’m not pressuring them to do at all.

Really, I just wanted to make food for people.

But then I realized the party was 7pm on a Wednesday. And the Squirrel Nut Zippers concert is the night before. So when the hell was I going to find time to make snacky things for people?

Target will make them for me.

Which means tonight I will be cleaning the house. I don’t clean during the week. I’ll do a load of laundry here and there, maybe, but my evenings are all about my family and me. I got four hours after I get home from work and I ain’t going to spend them cleaning crap.

Except tonight. I have to clean because I didn’t this weekend as I swore I would. I would never presume to ask Matt to help me clean as this is not his party and he’s already going to be locked in the basement with the kids (including one of the guest’s darling wonderful little girl who is Jaden’s age and whom Jaden loves.) (I can’t remember if I asked Matt if that was ok…) and did I mention he’s building me a really awesome bookshelf for Mother’s Day? So really, how can I possibly ask any more of him?

Today I realized something about myself:

Marcoda says:
 Is it totally unfair and stupid of me to be mad that Matt won’t stay home and help me clean for my party and instead is going out to buy wood for my book shelf?

Marcoda says:
 Wow, typing it out makes sound even worse

I think I just answered my question

Jessie says:

Marcoda says:
 I am a spoiled spoiled woman.

Jessie Bush says:
 If he was going out to…I dunno…play a crazy game of poker, I would understand. Or if you were cleaning the house for his poker game, I would also understand.

Marcoda says:
 Yeah. I’m just being a spoiled brat. Especially since there isn’t that much to clean.

Jessie says:
 Or if he lost the house in a game of poker, I would understand.

Marcoda says:
 And, y’know, building me a book shelf and stuff.

 Yeah, I’d be more than a little upset if he lost the house.

Jessie says:
 BUT! If he comes home with a new… I dunno… boy toy mechanical dealie that has nothing to do with bookshelf building, that could be a bit upsetting.

Jessie says:

(I couldn’t think of a single tool) 

So, yeah, I’m spoiled and Jessie doesn’t know a wrench from a bread box.

My house shall be sparkling by the time Matt gets home. Or at least the toilet will no longer be gross.

He cleaned the kitchen yesterday while I took a three hour nap…

Man. I am spoiled.


3 Responses

  1. i’m the guilty one, sorry you got suckered into it 😦

  2. Oh I kid. I’m having fun with the whole thing. I’m just kicking myself for the terrible scheduling. March is crazy busy!

  3. trust me, I would never bring home a, what was it… “boy toy mechanical dealie”. That is wrong on so many levels… I might bring home a power tool or some electronic gizmo, but never a boy toy. DIRTY!

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