Harkening back to the good ol’ days

NOTE**Be sure to check out the last post for the promised updated pic**

Not exactly sure what happened or how that something happened but I ended up with a little bit more money than I thought after all the bills were paid. Being the good little American I am, I went out into the world and spent some of that extra.

Matt and I are going to see the Squirrel Nut Zippers next week. For those of you who have never heard of them, they’re a fun big band type group. We found a flyer for the show that said, “Formal Attire Encouraged.” My response?

“I get to buy a new dress!

So off to ebay I ran and I found this little number:


Honestly, now: How fricken cute is this?

So cute that I had to run to Amazon and find some shoes! That suprised me by arriving two days after I ordered them even though I chose standard shipping. Shoes that are even cuter in person and that I’m wearing right now:


Shoes that are killing me as we speak. But never fear: I will stretch these effers out if it kills me. And as the previous sentence states, they are well on their way to accomplishing that goal.

Now, I was well on my way to having an adorable ensemble. On my way but not there yet. I needed beads!

Now, when one needs cheap jewelry where does one go? The obvious answer is Target but in this case we’re talking MAJOR cheap. And slightly early teens. CLAIRE’S!

Man, did the ’80s ever throwup all over that place. However, you want cheap clearance stuff? The whole place is having mad deals. I found two sets of beads (each containing one long and one short string) in both black and white plus a super cute red clutch and a little hat and hand bag for Jaden ALL TOTALLING $9.58. It was kinda neat buying cute little girly things for J. I really embraced my girliness which, as those who know me well can vouch for, does not come naturally to me. At least when it comes to Jaden. It’s complicated and I don’t have to explain myself to you people! After Claire’s, it was Old Navy because at that point I wanted to buy more crap, I mean clothes, for the kids. Got some shirts and a jacket for Jaden and a shirt, a sweater vest (with a robot on it!), and socks for Jonas. (If Matt asks, everything was a dollar.) Jaden was giddy when I showed her what I got her.

It was so nice to just get her stuff. We’ve been pinching pennies and watching things so closely that we haven’t allowed even the smallest purchases (ignore the laptop) (and the kitten) and it was so nice to just pick up a few things. Things that she desperately needed. OK, maybe she didn’t need the purse but she certainly needed the hat.

She actually jumped up and down when I pulled each item out of the bag and wouldn’t take her hat off or put down her purse until bedtime. She was so excited to show her teacher her jacket this morning. Her teacher didn’t disappoint: as soon as she saw her she commented, “I like your new jacket, Jaden.”

And it was new. It wasn’t from a consignment shop or bought from somebody else. Not that I mind at all people getting things for the kids. It’s just nice to do it myself, too 🙂

There was one other thing I got…what was that…


Oh yes. I bought some glasses over lunch. Too bad I can’t pick them up til next week but they’re cute and green and that’s all you need to know.

What’s really worrisome is that I couldn’t find my confirmation email for the tickets because I’m a moron of epic proportions and deleted the fricken thing. After much panic and searching of all my email accounts (each one build for different reasons.) (The one attached here is my “real email” that I actually check and read. In other words: if you email me through this, you’re not ebay and I do read your email.) (Because I get so many emails through this blog.) I couldn’t find it. Matt stepped in and helped find the website where we bought the tickets (hint: MYSPACE) and lo! There was the order number and we can still pick them up at will call. At one point during my search for the fricken website I was panicking and Matt started to panic that maybe we’d been “had” and gave some asshole our hard earned money. Not only us, but Matt’s parents who we encouraged to go (cute, right?) (We invited my mom and her boyfriend as well but they declined because they’re going to a different (lamer) concert that week.) but then we found the email and all was well.

Please pray to whomever you believe in that my dress arrives by Tuesday.

I leave you with this pic of Jaden modeling her new accessories. Matt and I are going to search for “view from your computer” movies on Netflick and nurse our colds.



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