The Cabin

Sorry I sort of disappeared for a couple days. My cousin and her husband invited me and the family up to his dad’s cabin.

the-cabin-exterior1It’s a four hour drive and our first real road trip with the kids. We were, understandably, nervous but the kids suprised us by behaving both on the way there and on the drive back. Over the next couple days I’ll be posting some pics of our first family vacation.

Today: Building a Snowman

Matt, Jaden, Leah, Kevin and his brother Mike went out into the oh so very pleasant weather to build a real life snowman. Out on a real life frozen lake. Cool, right? Now cool enough for me to venture out of the house. Hey, someone had to stay inside with Jonas and read Tolkien stories and I was willing to make that sacrifice.



It was really nice out, I swear, that’s why she’s in a hoodie. I don’t make a habit out of frost biting my children.


I have no idea where she got this straw. Never mind. Matt just informed me that he gave that to her. And they’re reeds. Shows what I know.


That is a stick. Just confirmed with Matt. That’s the fourth stick to be exact. The dogs ran off with sticks 1-3.



Clockwise from the bottom: Matt, Kevin, Mike, Leah, Jaden, and the Scoliosis and Scurvy Riddled Snowman.

Jaden kept adding snow to the back of the snowman creating a hump and the teeth kept falling out. As a final insult: Jaden named him “Garbage”.

Kevin was inspired to write a children’s story about a little girl and her friend Garbage the Snowman. I can’t wait to read it.

This is where Keving would make a comment about how I should finish reading his last story he sent me first. To which I would respond, “Dude! I’m sorry! I suck! Please send it to me again because I sort of accidentally deleted it from the old laptop when I got Stella and haven’t told you until now when you read the post. Oh look! Jaden’s doing something cute!”

The best part about the weekend? When Kevin and Leah first arrived earlier this week, Jaden was a little shy around them. By the end of the weekend, she didn’t want to leave.


Jaden and her godparents

Come back tomorrow for more pics!


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  1. J’s snowman looks like the results of a “who” snoman! its a a “whosnowman” too cute…

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