My fish tank

I have a fish tank. Well, technically it’s Jaden’s. Ok, really it’s Matt’s but the whole thing started with a fish tank that was Jaden’s that she got for her third birthday from her great grandfather.

Here’s the thing about this tank: Matt decided we needed the bigger tank because the big fat mollie keeps having babies. With her babies. See, the first batch came, one mollie died and two babies survived and then one of them got it on with his mom and she laid some more eggs. Then 5 of those suckers survived and we got a bigger tank.

Two days later Matt noticed some filmy looking bubble things at the bottom of the tank in several places and I noticed one of the fishes following the female around and we looked at each other and said, “Did the bitch lay more eggs?”

So now we’re waiting to see if these eggs hatch or if all the weird foggy bubble looking things are just weird fungus things. I’m not sure how we’ll know if it’s fungus or not because I’m way too frightened to google “white foggy fungus looking bubbles”.

One of you will have to do that and get back to me.

I’m going to go back to talking with actual people here in my living room. On a school night!


3 Responses

  1. Aren’t fish great? Yeah, we started off with 3 and now have over 20, some are so small I can not count them. I do have a bigger fish that we bought for the purpose of eating the other fish, but so far he is playing nice and not doing his intended job.

  2. Have you thought about scraping the eggs off the bottom of the tank and selling them? Caviar!

  3. says the vegetarian HAHAH

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