Start saving now, kid.

Jaden’s been talking a lot lately about getting married.

“I want to get married, mommy.”

“Mommy, I want to have a husband.”


And any combination of these two statements including this conversation we had had yesterday:

Jaden:“You and daddy had a wedding.”

Me: “Yup, we sure did.”

Jaden: “Yeah! And William and I got married.”

Matt and I: “No no no no.”

Me: “No, you and William are cousins, sweetie, there are laws against that.”


I just got off the phone with my MIL who told me Jaden informed her of her pending nuptials at naptime today:

Jaden: “Gramma, I’m going to have a wedding.”

MIL: “Oh you are?”

Jaden: “Yeah. We’re all going to wear really nice clothes.”

MIL: “Where are you going to have your wedding?”

Jaden: “Some place really nice. And there’s going to be lots and lots of people there!”

MIL: “Where are all the people going to stay?”

Jaden: “At your house!”


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