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So I took a break from my laptop last night. It was much harder than I thought it would be. I kept thinking about all these things I wanted to do: work in photoshop, chose pics for my upcoming cooking post, do some virtual shopping via my amazon wish list, work on LibraryThing, read web comics and a host of other things.

Instead? My quiet evening at home cuddling with my husband and not playing with Stella was derailed by a certain friend who was going to stay the night so he’d be in the area for some car appointment but instead left late in the evening. (You know who you are.) So I watched tv by myself, flipping morosely through the new found cable in the bedroom, ignoring the plaintive calls of Stella who was nestled snug in her lovely note on the floor mere inches from me.

I fell asleep with the tv on a full hour and a half earlier than I had been the last few nights, which was the goal.

Unfortunately, any hopes of a good night’s sleep were dashed at 1:58 when Jaden called me in her room for…something. I’m still not sure what but it involved me going to turn off the light in the bathroom that she’d left one and then laying next to her while she fell asleep.

The next morning I reflected on what had happened: Jaden had gotten herself a drink of water in the middle of the night. Matt has been suspecting she’d been getting up to go potty and now we had proof that she was indeed getting up. The really impressive thing is that she’d done this while being super sick. She’s been battling the flu most of this week. The puking part has passed and was short lived. Now we’re just in the “high temp, lethargic, runny nose, on the mend” part. She actually ate some ramen and broccoli for dinner tonight so she is getting better.

This has nothing to do with my darling Stella but I thought you’d all like to know.

During dinner, Matt and I were having a discussion about what talent we could bring to a party who crash landed on a deserted island (He’s been watching past seasons of Lost online.). He would be the “tinkerer”. He’s very resourceful and macgyver like. Me?

“I could, y’know, make people laugh.”
“There you go,” Matt smiled encouragingly. “And if anyone needed a story written, you could do that.”
“Exactly! I’d keep a log!”
“HA! So instead of blogging, you’d be logging?”

After dinner, Matt said he was going to lay down as he wasn’t feeling well (oh no!). I got Jaden set up on the old laptop with her game and went to retrieve Stella from the bedroom. Matt grabbed a pillow off the couch and we ran into each other in the hallway, both snuggling with our prizes and denying we were doing any such thing.

I missed you, Stella. Last nigt I had this intense stabbing pain in my temple to prove it.


One Response

  1. For future reference, I would be an awesome bodyguard. I could totally get all ninja-y on anyone who dared to seperate you and your beloved Stella. Or, at the very least, I could glare, growl and whisper threats of further glaring and growling from my spot curled up with my own laptop.

    Just an idea. You know, if you could afford me and my badass ninja skills…

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