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I’ve trained me a little too well.

Today my husband sent me a slew of LOLCats pics to move the day along. One of the pics was this:


You all may know that I’m extremely susceptible to suggestion and so it will come as no surprise to you that upon seeing this pic, I wanted a burrito.

No, not a cat filled burrito. I have some restraint.

I informed Jessie that I was going to Chipotle (after offering to drive over to my husband’s office so the two of us could get burritos then having that offer shot down because the only burrito place he knew of was the one by my office and it just didn’t make sense to back track). She then informed me that she had two free burrito coupons and suggested we, like, totally use them.

Or maybe I just grabbed one, said, “score!” and kidnapped her for a burrito run because now that I think about it, I don’t remember her actually saying, “Hey, I’ve got these coupons. Would you like one?”

Regardless, we headed over to Chipotle and had a long detailed discussion about what we would do if they didn’t honor our little coupons (that were printed on playing cards) that concluded with her using the coupons to inflict severe paper cuts on the cashier and me purchasing a small lemonade to pour on the wounds. Don’t mess with us, is all I’m saying.

Armed with our Coupons and Only If It Comes to That Revenge Plan, we walked into Chipotle and studied the menu.

I usually get pork but saw that the chicken burrito was 50 cents cheaper so decided I’d try that one and Jessie ordered a vegetarian one. The cashier guy seemed confused when I handed him the playing card and went back to talk to his manager while Jessie and I exchanged worried looks. The worry turned to determination as she held tightly to her playing card and I tried to get a glimpse of the soda fountain around the corner. The manager came back and was all, “Woah! I haven’t seen one of these in years! A burrito buck. This is old school, man. I’m totally keeping this one!” He was so thrilled at this little treasure that I added helpfully, “She’s got one too!” and pointed at Jessie who offered, “I’ve had them in my desk drawer forever!”

Happily, we completed our purchase, I filled my soda cup (Pibb Xtra, not lemonade although I did note they served lemonade for the future) and we left laughing at how silly we were to worry that the coupons wouldn’t be accepted and how happy Dude was over getting them. “I kinda wish I had more,” Jessie said, “So we could send different random people from the office out for free burritos and really mess with the guy.”

In the car I commented on how I hope the chicken one tastes good. “I usually get pork but the chicken was 50 cents cheaper.” And as the words were leaving my mouth I realized:

“Of course it didn’t matter how much it was because of the coupon.”

Jessie at this point was doing a very good job of not pointing out that I’m an idiot.

She’s a good friend.


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  1. MAXWJOH in our Nashville office keeps giving me crap cuz i have never tried Chipotle 😛

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