Jonas 7 Months

Man, I suck at these things. I really do. There is no way I can fully describe how incredible it is to watch Jonas change ever so slightly but oh so incredibly. And forget about talking about how much my love for this squishy little guy is growing with compound interest and the return on my investment is…big.

Make with the stuff I'm doing, lady!

Stop trying to make financial metaphors and make with the awesome stuff I'm doing, lady!

He’s right. I suck at finances. I do know that Jonas is now sitting like a pro and has only fallen backwards twice in the last three weeks. He’s also stopped sleeping on his boppy at night. Not really because we felt he was ready but mostly because we never put the cover back on after washing it and the boppy got…for lack of a better word: gross.

Now that he’s got free range in the crib, he’s all over the place. We put him in there, on his back and head at one end and we go in there at 3am and he’s on his tummy with his head at the other end pushing himself up bellering, “How the hell’d I get down here?’

And then I scold him for cursing, turn him onto his back and give him his binky.

Which leads me to this answer: “Why no, he’s not sleeping through the night.”

Well, I guess he is sleeping through the night since he’s not staying up for hours when he wakes up. He (generally) goes right back to sleep. With the exception of the last couple nights when he’s been brought into bed with us around 4:30 and I get to cuddle with him for a good hour and it’s awesome. Not that I’m encouraging him sleeping in our bed but I will not lie to you: It’s awesome!


Unfortunately, all this bed time fun has been moved up an hour because Mr. Cranky Pants needs his dinner as soon as we get home and then screams his fool head off until we get him into his crib with his bottle.

"You got that bottle, woman?"

"You got that bottle, woman?"

Yes, even though he eats a giant dinner, Jonas needs a bottle before going to sleep. Not that I’m complaining about his giant appetite it’s just that we only have a short amount of time after work and his new bedtime has robbed us of nightly performances like this:

Completely unrelated to his own skill development but I’m now certain that his little tongue issue is solving itself. The little thingie that connects itself to the tongue is most certainly not all the way up to the tip. This is awesome and further validates my opinion that “wait and see” and “denial” are the best ways to deal with most non-life threatening situations.

In other oral news:


Dude’s been teething all month with no new teeth that we can see. Nothing else to say except: Poor little man!

I’m starting to think of the seventh month as “Jonas’ Oral Fixation Month”. Not only is everything going into the mouth, but he’s also taking out and putting back in his pacifier and making dadadada sounds. Yes, in addition to the garbling sounds he’s also working on his hard consenants. I have a super cute video of Matt trying to get him to make these sounds but it’s about 2.5 minutes long filled mostly with Matt saying, “Say dada. I know you can. You just were.” And Jonas ignoring him completely and eating all of his crib toys.

Instead I leave you with a montage that best sums up what Jonas is all about: Hugs and kisses

This is one loving little guy.

This is one loving little guy.

Jonas is hands down the happiest sweetest lovingest boy I’ve ever met. He smiles at everyone (unless he’s hungry) and hugs us all the time (unless he’s hungry) and plays so well with whatever we give him (unless he’s hungry. Then he tries to grab the spoon and feed himself. Then he screams at us for our audacity to deny him this simple right.) and it quite possibly the cutest baby around right now. As much as I understand the urge I must ask that people stop threatening to steal my son.



3 Responses

  1. OMG…i cant believe i totally forgot about this…for the first 9 months of Tysons life (ok for the 6 months after his 3 months) i thought he was tongue tied…and then eventually just grew out of it…hence the reason that i COMPLETELY FORGOT…so YAY that it looks like Jonas’ is correcting itself too PHEW!

  2. Well, you know, if he wasn’t so cute you wouldn’t have to worry about that, now would you?

    My god, he’s getting so big and round and person-like! And great pictures, he’s such a cutie!!

  3. Argh, the cuteness, I can’t take it! Pppppsssssttttt, check out my latest blog post.

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