Forgive me

I’ve been given Photoshop. I’ve been trying to figure it out. So far, I’m just combining different actions.

I took this picture of J this morning after she asked me to use “that thing like you did with your hair” and pointed at my hair straightener:

No edits except a file resize

No edits except a file resize

It’s really dark in my house in the morning.

I could’ve lightened it up a bit, but I chose the opposite route:


I did something where they added a background shadow and I liked the way it shown a spotlight on her. But I wanted something…softer.


I have no idea what you’d call this one cuz it’s not color and it’s not b&w. “Found some film in the back of my junk drawer”?

Remember film? Where you had to deal with the pictures you took and you were happy with it but in retrospect it kinda sucked because your cousin always blinked right when the picture was taken only you didn’t know it until you got the pics back and discovered not only did she blink but you also forgot to wipe that chunk of brownie off your face and there was no way to just “erase” it because all you had at your disposal was a hand made enlarger from your grandpa and all the photo developing skills of an 11th grader who took that one elective class that one term?

This last one was not developed from film but I still like it “as is”. No “fixes.”

I like J’s smile:


"I am so humoring you."

Thank you, J, and everyone else for humoring me through all future beyond amateur “look what I made!” posts.


2 Responses

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  2. Oh my god, now she looks even MORE like you! Your adorable little doppleganger…

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