Of snakes and things

So close to finishing the latest Marcoda Cooks? post it’s scary. Scary meaning AWESOME. I spent over three hours last night figuring out how to make a photo collage thingie in photoshop and I finally mastered it. I’m sure there’s a faster way to do it but we’re not going to think about that right now.

What we are going to think about is last night before the photoshopping hoopla.

Yes, I said hoopla. If you’d been there, you wouldn’t be questioning my word choice.

I made excellent time on the drive home and arrived a full half hour ahead of schedule. This meant extra time for me to change out of my work clothes and into my sexy new pair of jeans and a teeny black tank top before Matt got home. Matt arrived with the kids and he and Jaden were singing “Yellow Submarine”. After 10 minutes I was all, “Hello! I got myself all sexified for you!” Without missing a beat in her Yellow Submarine rendition, Jaden switched the word to “Sexified for you. Sexified for you.”

Getting home early also meant extra cuddle times with Jonas and extra playing with Jaden. At one point both happened at the same time with both kids. Jaden was being a puppy (again) and Jonas was sitting up being all 6.5 months old and awesome. Then at one point Jaden spun around really fast and turned into a pony and I thought it’d be a great idea to put Jonas on her back.

And thus Wonderboy turned into WonderCOWboy.

Sorry, I don’t have a pic. It was so awesome I should’ve taken one but I’m pretty sure Jonas would’ve fallen off without me there holding him and I’m still traumatized by the bed incident. Matt was making pancakes and I was not about to interrupt that process for a little picture taking. (They had mini chocolate chips in them, people!)

Jonas grinned his adorable scrunched up grin he uses when he’s super excited as Jaden took him to her “Pony Work” which was in her bedroom and turned out to be her Ponyville amusement park thing she got for Christmas. Jonas dismounted and hung out in the moses basket he used to sleep in but is now in Jaden’s room for the cats and chewed on Little People. Jaden played with her ponies until I declared it was dinner time. Fully expecting Jaden to hop back up on two legs, I picked up Jonas. She remained on all fours and said, “Come on, Jonas!” So he rode the pony back to the dining room and we had awesome pancakes for dinner.  Jonas has sweet potatoes and pears.


This morning after getting myself ready I woke up Jaden who told me her tummy hurt. Knowing the routine by now but not wanting to track down a puke bucket, I ordered her into the bathroom and told her to do so in the toilet.

“That’s where people go potty!” She exlaimed in a non-horrified but more of a, “Hey, here’s an itneresting tidbit for you!” kind of tone.

“Yes, that’s right but grown ups also throw up in the toilet. How about you try that now?”

So she hunkered down in front of the toilet and I had a flash of her early college years. After a minute or so she annouced she had to go potty first and hopped up and peed.

Finished, she got down and hunkered in front of the toilet again. I went off in search of socks and heard her call, “I have to go poop!”

“So go!” I called back while poor Matt held his head ached riddled head in his hands on the side of the bed silently cursing our across the house verbal exchange. I’m still searching for socks that match when I hear this:

“Mommy! A snake!”

“Oh good lord. ” Knowing full well what the “snake” actually is.

“Come see, mommy!”

“No, sweetie, I really don’t want to see ‘the snake’!”

“Don’t worry, mommy,” she reassures, “It’s not a real snake. It’s just poop.”

“Yes, sweetie. I know.”


2 Responses

  1. mines not a snake story…but got Tyson out of the bathtub Monday night and he was in the bathroom drying off…when i hear “MOM I HAVE TO POOP!” so i reply with “Well hop on the toilet” … “I CANT ITS COMING OUT”…and while we all love talking about our childrens BM’s….this little boy pooped out a mini pumpkin!!! HOw that big thing came out of that little boy…and now i know how he couldn’t get on the toilet!!! HA…and there you are.

  2. My FIL is continually being impressed by Jaden’s bathroom activities. As Matt says, “Our children are celebrated poopers.”

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