How do you pronounce “meme”?

I think that’s what this is. Whether it is or not here are some random things about me.

1. I’m running out of topics to blog about because all I can think about is my lap top. Jaden was getting dangerously close to Stella last night and I caught myself yelling, “Don’t sit on your sister!”
2. I have mad crushes on Jon Stewart, Alton Brown, Ryan North and Sirius Black
3. I worry that Matt’s getting jealous of me and my laptop time.
4. I have a horrible long term memory. A memory which is to blame for my lame Jonas posts and also why they’re mostly pictures with some filler.
5. But really, do you mind the baby pics?
6. I never thought I’d enjoy cooking but I always wanted to so I forced myself to keep trying and here I am today: still trying.
7. When lived by myself for the first time I decided I was going to like wine because that’s what grown ups do (I’d been living on my own for 3 years at that point but this was my first living alone) and even though I didn’t like the taste of wine I kept drinking it until I did. And here I am today: loving wine.
8. I did the same thing with beer.
9. I prefer to call it “growing as a person” rather than “being an alcoholic.”
10. I’m super sad I don’t collect comic books.
11. I love boxes of chocolates just not for Valentine’s Day (which I don’t celebrate. Bastard holiday stealing my birthday glory.)
12. I’ve worked long and hard to get over my insecurities and still the healthy ego I portray is mostly for show.
13. I cry at anything, sad or happy.
14. Apparently I use sarcasm as a coping device to avoid dealing with real issues.
15. I’m a master at distraction.
16. I love history but know very little about it.
17. I’m a great singer as long as I’m not singing in front of anyone.
18. I married my high school crush years after giving up on that dream. Still can’t believe it’s real.
19. I lost all photogeniality I may have had on my 28th birthday:

Love me love my gums

Love me love my gums

20. I fucking hate zombies
21. Vampires and Ninjas are bad ass though
22. I never “draft” a blog entry. I get an idea, type, proofread and post.
23. That explains so much doesn’t it?
24. I’m totally cheating on this list.
25. You’re cheating on this list.


2 Responses

  1. Well, zombies have only nice things to say about you…

  2. for some reason some people think i am stoic, but here is how emotional i really am: last week I cried pretty much continuously through the last half of the new comedy ‘He’s just not that into you’ and I cry pretty regularly when watching prime time TV shows–like CSI. pretty much any and all displays of strife or sadness, regardless of how sincere, make me cry. I also have an eansy weansy crush on Jon Stewart and I dont know who the rest of those people are.

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