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Ode to Stella

I’ve said the following sentence so often in my waking/away from the blog life and I feel the need to write it here:

I Love My Laptop.

My Stella.

You see…I’m addicted to my blog. I’m addicted to other blogs. I’m addicted to allrecipes. I’m addicted to igoogle. I’m addicted to amazon and itunes. I’m also slowly getting addicted to photoshop although that’s a learned habit.

I’m a pothead and the internet is my green. Stella, she is in my one-y.

A one-y to a pothead is a very personal thing. The day they buy their first glass piece, they know that it was made for them. After scouring the glass cases they find The One and lovingly bring it home and ceremoniously smoke their first bud in their new piece. It’s much more personal than a bong where they are with a big group of people. A one-y is for one to two people to bond.*

I’m not speaking from experience or anything…that’s just what I’ve heard.

Anyway, Stella is my one-y. As soon as the kids are in bed, I do a quick pilates routine then I settle on the couch with Stella on my lap, my feet up on the coffee table, one of the kitties on my tummy and off I go.

Three-four windows open. Photoshop elements in one so I can fix some lighting; my photos folder open so I can select a new one to work on; an internet window open so when my mind wanders to something I can google it right away; and recently I’ve added itunes for whatever I feel like listening to.

I’ve only just started importing music and my first attempt lead to a frantic call to Jess: “How the hell do I import the whole CD?” followed with a chagrined, “Oh, that button that says, “Import CD”. iTunes is not completely foreign to me; we’ve got it on the desktop in the basement. But it was always Matt’s domain. He updated my ipod for me and got the music I wanted for me. I wanted nothing to do with it. Now that I have Stella, I feel a need to take control of my music and podcast needs. I’v even set up an istore account. I don’t remember my username but that’s neither here nor there.

Happily, through out the weekend, I imported my CDs and created album art and listened to my little treasure trove of music, so excited to finally have some mixed cds I’d had in my car on my ipod.

Except, in order for them to be on my ipod, I had to put them on my ipod. You wouldn’t think it would take me three days to get music on my ipod. You would be thinking wrong.

This morning was when I realized I’d forgotten the last and most important step. I retrieved my ipod from it’s handy dandy ultra cute ipod holder a certain Gal Pal made for me and on the way back to Stella grabbed the super handy ultra functional ipod cord thing that Matt brought up from the basement office place.

This is where I hit a hitch in my plan. Where the hell do I plug the cord in? I looked at the cord and looked all over the computer. Nothing looked right. One port input thingy did look sort of right but too big and yet I tried twice to stick the cord in. I grabbed the manuals and there wasn’t one single diagram in there with little arrows pointing at what was what including the all important “PLUG YOUR IPOD CORD IN HERE, STUPID!” arrow.

Nothing. And I was getting very frustrated with the three USB ports. Especially since I had plugged the stupid thing in a few days ago and downloaded some podcasts.

Then I looked closer at the cord. And saw the other end.

And then I said some choice words to myself because. Seriously, Marcoda? You did this the last time too. Good lord.

So, it’s a love hate relationship but only when it comes to the stupid ipod cord.

With Stella, She’ll always be my one-y.

Unless the US/Canada border patrol confiscates her…

Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.

*Matt especially likes being able to watch past episodes of  Lost in HD on Stella.


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