No pics because I’m surrounded by cuddly, furry love

Not sure how it happened but I’m currently in the office (on Stella) (kinky) and the camera is upstairs. Isn’t it usually the other way around?

Anyway, It’s Day4 of Bingmar House With Two Kitties and let me just say things are going much better than expected. Polly has gone from “WTH, guys??” to “You’re looking a little dirty there, Meena. Let me clean you.” in a fantastically short amount of time. As I type this, Meena is laying on my stomach and Polly is laying next to me. Meena is still antagonizing Polly and Polly is still suddenly interested in all the toys she was never interested in before because there is now another little cat trying to claim them.

But, Jessie was right: Two cats are better than one.

Especially when they’re cooperating to keep me warm in this friggen cold basement. Man, no wonder I never come down here.


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