Tomorrow when we leave tonight

So I keep checking blogs for updates and not finding any and cursing bloggers for not having something new for me to read when I’m so completely needing a break from making customer presentations.

Then I got over myself and decided that this blogging thing works both ways and if I want new stuff, I should give new stuff. Do onto others and such. Pretty sure Jesus was thinking of bloggers when he bestowed that bit of wisdom on us all.

Things have been crazy busy, as usual. For example, let me recap my weekend.

Friday: Woke up and did the usual morning routine and managed to get both children to their destinations on time. Jaden didn’t even cry when Matt brought her into school. She said, “Bye, daddy!” and ran off to play with some little boy who had some dinosaurs. Then I suggested Caribou for a treat. Matt was going to run in and pay for it (with my card) and I was going to run to the nearby gas station to wash off my head lights as no light was able to penetrate the layers of road salt.

It was around this time that I handed Matt my bank card only it wasn’t my bank card. It was a metaphorical smack upside his head because my bank card was missing and it was all his fault. See, we’d gone out to the local Chinese buffet the evening before with his parents. I handed Matt my card so he could pay while I went to the bathroom. Matt paid and then placed the card on the table for me to grab. Didn’t tell me he put it there, just assumed I would see it.

I didn’t see it.

I wasn’t that upset because at least we knew where it was. Later it was confirmed by the restaurant that they did have it and I told them I’d pick it up later.

After work, things got a little crazy. I raced home from work to get ready for a real life grown up dinner party (with fondue!) and Matt raced home from work, stopping at him mom’s house to get the kids. Thank goodness I’d packed the kids’ over night bags the night before because there was no way there was any time to pack anything for their stay at my mom’s house*. As soon as I was ready, Matt got home with the kids, he threw on a different shirt, we begged Jaden to put her boots back on then ran out the door only slightly (15 minutes) behind schedule. Race to the restaurant to get my card, race to McDonald’s to get the Dinner of Champions for Jaden, race to my mom’s to drop off the kids and (apparently) ignore her boyfriend***, race to the gas station to fill up, race to Trader Joe’s for 3 Buck Chuck, race to the check out to pay for the wine only to discover…

I have no driver’s license.

I have no idea where the driver’s license is. Panic ensues but Dude is nice enough to let Matt pay for the wine and trusts that I’m well past 21 by the look of sheer bewilderment on my face. Friday was not a good day for plastic cards that once resided in my purse. (I still haven’t found it and haven’t made it to the DMV to get a new one. I’ve been driving SO law abidingly well these last few days)

Putting that puzzle aside we race to the Dinner Party and have SO MUCH FUN! We had yummy cheese and chocolate fondue and played games and just had a lot of fun giggling times with lots of happy drunken hugs between the hostess and me.

Oh, the morning though. Cheap wine does not a good morning after make. But we survived and got the kids by the agreed upon time and made it home in time for lunch and Bingmar Family Nap Time. Only Mrs. Bingmar didn’t nap because Baby Bingmar is a flailer who wouldn’t keep his arms down. At any rate, after the nap Matt went over to his friend’s house, I played with the kids and made a yummy tuna steak dinner, Matt got home before the kids went to bed then went grocery shopping while I put Jaden to bed and took a nap before Matt got home and dragged me out of bed to work out.

***Side Note*** The 30 Day Shred is awesome. Awesome IF you don’t have wussy ankles. Wussy ankles which, unbeknownst to me, I possess. I’ve been fast forwarding through the cardio and still doing the abs and strength training but I’m thinking it might be time to move on to a lighter impact work out. So…anyone want a barely used copy of the 30 Day Shred?

After the work out Matt and I stayed up way too late watching some documentary on George Washington on the History Channel that was super interesting but around 1am we realized it was 1 freaking am and went to bed.

When will kids learn that weekends are made for sleeping in?  Regardless of when the kids got up, we got them out the door by 12:15 for our much promised trip to….

The Science Museum!****

We spent three hours there and she had a great time. She loves the dinosaurs, the circle lights that shine on the floor and when you walk on them they make music, the fake animals in the “marsh” diorama, the crazy light exhibit, all of it really. It was a very nice family day out. We haven’t had one in…well, it’s been a long time. Just us, no outside family members or friends. As much as I love all those people, “Just Us” is best.

Speaking of friends, our dear friend Jason came over that night and he and I made the hands down best pasta dish I’ve ever tasted. We made a couple changes: we used shrimp instead of chicken and added some white wine to the sauce. We cooked the sauce and the shrimp together, tossed it with the angel hair and…DAY-UM that was good eatin’. We all went back for seconds, which made me sad because there were no left overs for lunch. After dinner, the boys rented Hamlet 2 (hilarious) and I watched just over half of it before going to bed.

Which brings us to Monday. MonDAY was fine, MonNIGHT was…traumatizing.

MIL won some dinner thing for her and three couples. She told us we had to sit through some fire safety thing first but they weren’t allowed to sell us anything, so don’t worry. “All right,” I figure, “It’s probably something put on by the fire department or something.

Dear GOD. So, the first twenty minutes were stomachable. Some dude talking about how safe we think our homes are in case of fire, what do we think our chances of getting out in time are, how well do our smoke detectors work, and so on with a nice sampling of local newspaper stories of families DIEING in fires or surviving but becoming horribly burnt and disfigured and such. My sister in law was there (her husband couldn’t make it) and aside from being a mother she’s also an occupational therapist for the elderly and works with a lot of burn victims. This “presentation” hit her really hard.

Then came the “dinner” which consisted of some rubbery piece of chicken, a baked potato and soggy rice pilaf. During dinner, we watched a video detailing exactly how sucky our smoke detectors really are. In the video, they showed a study where they set up a “typical home” and started a fire to see how long it took for the smoke detectors to go off. After 30 minutes they turned the cameras off but then turned them back on the check out the damage. I was having a hard enough time eating the meal but had to stop eating altogether when the guy said, “This is the nursery. All this black on the walls? That’s what the baby would’ve breathed in.” It couldn’t get worse right? WRONG! I’m already fighting hard not to cry or grab Matt and race home to rescue our children from the death trap we left them in and my SIL has given up trying not to cry and is now trying to hide the fact that she’s crying when they interview a fire fighter who says, “I’ve seen lots of things: People with knife wounds, gun shots, battery, cancer…but nothing is worse than a parent listening to their child inside of a burning house.”


Afterwards, Dude demonstrated some Super Awesome Smoke Detectors that will keep your family from dieing in an apocalyptic inferno. We high-tailed it out of there as soon as the blasted thing was over and got the kids to bed, cracked open a bottle of wine and finished Hamlet 2.

My FIL did some research the next day (MIL felt TERRIBLE; she had no idea what the dinner was going to be like) and found out these people are famous for high prices, scare tactics and high pressure sales. Luckily, my husband gave them a fake number. haha! Take that stupid…fire safety people.


One thing that did come out of it was Matt and I decided that in case there is a fire, he grabs Jaden and I grab Jonas. And we should probably move our safe box thing from the basement to under our bed. Oh, and you should shake up your fire extenguisher every six months so the particles inside don’t settle.

So that was my extended weekend. This weekend we’ve got the JDRF walk and then Rock the Cradle. I can’t remember what’s the weekend after that but I’m sure something’s going on.

What I DO know is both kids came down with super high fevers last night but are ok, so far, today.

UPDATE: Just got an update on Mr. Jonas. He has a fever of 102.3 and MIL is going to bring him in to the doctor.

You would think I’d have more posts given all the craziness going on.

But I don’t.

Take that, logic.


*which, by the way, was obtained through 15 minutes of hard ball negotiations with my mother which ended with my mom agreeing to take the kids for no more than 17 hours (the majority of which would comprise of sleepy time) with my promise to get there no later than 11am and considering to take my sister when she turns 18 .**

**this is why I don’t ask my mom to watch my kids. The woman. She drives me nuts.

***I don’t remember ignoring him but I guess he was really hurt and thought I was mad at him. My mom spent more time reaming me out about being rude and asking if I was mad at him than it took for me to get her to watch the kids in the first place.

****This was Jaden’s reward for potty training. She has gotten so good about it. In fact, this morning, we thought she was just screwing around but it turns out she got up because she had to go potty. That’s a first. She really learned from her accident last week when she wet the bed. We average around 1-2 accidents a week and they’re usually at Gramma’s house right after nap time. I.E. Not our problem. Score!

*****HAve you shaken your fire extinguisher today?


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  1. Hey, I loved catching up with you via your blog…but I’m still not feeling like updating my own blog. “Hi, my name is
    Carla and I am a new addict of Facebook.”

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