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Jonas: 5 Months

Note: Post now updated with photos and videos

Wow. Jonas is 5 months old now. 5 months. That just doesn’t seem right. He’s too little to be 5 months. Wasn’t he just born last week?

Regardless of when he was born, this last month has been BUSY. Forget the holiday season, Jonas was doing all kinds of stuff on his own and didn’t have time to slow down for some gift giving traditions. No sir!

The Big Milestones:

– Dude, Boy is growing! It would seem that we were, in fact, starving him during his first few months out of the womb. How awesome are we at this parenting gig? Am I right? He drinks anywhere from 5-6 ounces in each feeding and still wakes up once a night looking for a snack. I don’t have an actual weight in pounds to provide but just look at this before and after comparison:

4 months old

4 months old

5 months

5 months

See? Can I get a “chunky monkey”? (No I don’t mean his spitting up which is still happening, but not as seriously) What’s funny is while he’s certainly gaining the baby rolls, he’s still lean, much like his sister was. He has the weight but carries it well. Except in the cheeks and oh my goodness! That’s ok with me. Look at those cheeks!



– In addition to eating a bunch more formula, baby is eating his cereal! We officially started adding cereal to his diet December 27 and it started out ok:

But then he got sick of it, as his godmother found out when she tried feeding him on New Year’s Day. I maintain that it was not her fault at all and he was just plain too hungry to deal with cereal and “Oh my gawd, woman, just give me the damn bottle already!” So we did and he was happy.

This past weekend, however, Jonas ate his cereal like a pro. And ate. And ate.

Oh, yes, that is apple sauce my big grown up boy is eating. Now, I wasn’t planning on giving him apple sauce but let’s just say my husband made a very valid suggestion that perhaps I should give him the apple sauce now in case he somehow got it from some one else in the near future. Matt can be very persuasive. And in any case, it was a nice “birthday” treat as it was his fifth month anniversary and all.

I need to take a moment to reflect on the fact that my baby, repeat: my BABY, is eating cereal and fruit. He’s growing too fast. This is too much. Did you see him in his high chair? All little and stuff? I didn’t cry, but I wanted too. Then this morning I stuck him in it to play while I got Jaden ready but forgot to give him a toy so he was just sitting there in this great big chair staring at the tray with this look of, “Well, now what?” on his face. That has nothing to do with anything except that obviously he is too little to be sitting in a high chair and eating big boy baby food if I can’t remember to give him a toy to play with when he’s not eating.

Where's my toy, ma?

Where's my toy, ma?

– Speaking of growing too fast. I—oh my. I’m getting all emotional here. Just…look:

OK, it took some practice:

But now he’s SITTING. Like, real life SITTING. We still have to put him in a sitting position, but once there, he grabs his toys and plays with them in a very much sitting like a big boy manner. At first I was all, “OMG! YAY! GO JONAS! YOU’RE THE KING OF EVERYTHING!” But now I’m back to, “No no. Stop sitting. Sitting leads to crawling and crawling leads to pulling up to a standing position and standing leads to walking and walking leads to running far far away from the woman who gave you life and I’LL BE DAMNED IF YOU’RE MOVING OUT, YOUNG MAN! YOU’RE ONLY 19!!

I may have a few issues to work through. But don’t worry about me, Jonas. I’ll be fine. You just keep smiling and reaching for me when you see me because that’s pretty cool.

– Oh yeah. He’s reaching for me now. And oh how he clings on so tightly when I hold him. And then I start kissing those fat little cheeks and after awhile he yells at me. I can almost hear that, “Gawd, mom! There are people around!” But I think maybe I’m just a little over zealous in my kissing and perhaps squishing those little cheeks a bit too much. I can’t help it! I love the kid!

– His favorite toys:

His Red Hammer

His Red Hammer

his feet


and his sister.

Well, mostly his feet.

Jaden is more like his favorite source of entertainment:

[Insert hilarious video of Jaden being Jaden and Jonas laughing his fool head off.]

Matt and I hadn’t heard him laugh like that all weekend. He adores Jaden. He follows her around with his eyes and even shares his toys with her. Ok, he’s not handing them to her or anything but when she asked to play with his elephant the other night, which he had been munching on very enthusiastically up to that point, he let go. That’s love right there. Or coincidence, but I’m leaning towards love.

– Personality wise he’s just a big lovable happy little boy. He’s starting to get a little weirded out by crowded rooms where he doesn’t know anyone but after a few minutes, he’s charming anyone brave enough to come within 10 feet of The Cute. He’s always smiling (except when we have the camera out) and still loves to cuddle. He very much loves the new blankie Santa brought him and mommy and daddy aren’t as paranoid about him covering his face with it because it’s a looser knit.  Oh! And I have learned something from Jonas: Sleeping with your head under the covers is quite enjoyable and you don’t suffocate. I tried it the other day. Very nice. Thank you, Jonas.

-Also, I have to put in here (not to brag because he’s at this moment proving me wrong) but he’s the easiest baby to put down for a nap: blanket over the face, pacifier in the mouth, a few pats on his back and into the crib he goes happy as a lark. In fact, just now I went to answer his squawking by sticking his pacifier in his mouth and putting his blanket over his eyes. Like magic,  the crying was replaced with a very satisfied sucking sound.

I apologize to every one who can’t see this little boy every day because he really is that awesome and, yeah I’m his mom and have to say that, but I truly believe that there are great things in his future.

Happy 5 months, Wonderboy.



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