If they’re not already

Small businesses and parents should all be freaking out right now. Thanks to Electric Boogaloo I am now aware of a very “well-intentioned” but “head up their ass” plan to make sure kids’ toys are safe.

I’m not very good at eloquating (is that a word) my emotions over this. In short: WE’RE ALL DOOMED. In a slightly more wordy and poorly grammered version: in an attempt to make our children safe from all lead laden products all manufacturers of products coming in contact in any way with children have to have all parts of the product tested and certfied as being lead free.

This includes clothes.

This includes books.

This includes anyone trying to make a small living making children’s toys.

Each of these parts must be sent to a lab and tested and the cost paid for by the  maker and then passed on to the consumer. Here, just go read Electric Boogaloo. She’s way cooler than me and is being very directly effected by this as she has an adorable line of home made Nerdy Baby products.

But not only are makers of products being targeted by this but also second hand people. Second hand people? I’m so freaked out I can’t even write. I mean anyone who perhaps takes donations and either gives away or sells products to parents in need at a discounted price.

This includes anyone trying to save a few bucks by going to Once Upon a Child or to a neighborhood garage sale. Or a used book store.

Over-reacting? No, I’m not. In a very nice example of “freaking the fuck out and acting without thinking it through” Big Bad Government passed some legislation that could mean the end of the world as we know it.

If you want the world to stay as is…wait, that’s not right. If you want the economy to NOT come crashing down around our ears or still want the option of building your kid a freaking tree house in the back freaking yard, call or email your congressman and/or go here:


I now return you to your regularly scheduled baby photos (which will be posted tonight. After I’m done chewing out my little sister for throwing her future away. But that’s a whole nother post.)


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  1. Great job on your post. This issue has come to the forefront of the resale industry. The industry organization, NARTS, is working hard to get Congress to act quickly before 2/10/09. I’d recommend this site: http://www.savekidsresale.com for more reading on this topic.

    Also, if you want to write your congress person about this aspect of the CPSIA, here’s a link, enter your zipcode and let them know how you feel.


    Congress and the CPSC (the body assigned to interpret the law and apply the law) need to know how the american public feels about this law and the unintended consequences. The only way to accomplish this is to write and call them.

  2. Thank you very much, Deb. I’ve submitted my email to my representatives and senator.

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