Christmas 2008: a media blitz!

How about  skip all the small talk and make with the happy family pics already?

I will do that. But FIRST! I will say that this Christmas was the best so far in our little family’s history. It was fun, relaxing (as xmas can be) and full of happy times.

Ok, on with the pics and videos! (you can click on the thumbprints to see larger versions. I think. I’ve never done this before.)


After a very nice lasagna dinner on Christmas Eve, we all headed upstairs to read Christmas Stories while the grandparents prepared for “Santa’s Early Visit”. After the stories, my MIL came upstairs and said something about it being warm and opened the window. Once the bell was opened, sleigh bells could be heard. Jaden and Will perked up and my SIL asked, “What is that sound?” “BELLS!”

“What bells are they?”

Jaden: “SANTA!!”

Matt: “Where does Santa come in?”

pause…”THE CHIMNEY!”

and down the kids ran to the basement to see. Warning: turn your speakers down a little. Trust me:

Oh it was hilarious and oh so much fun. Santa came early and spoiled the kids, of course. Will got a new rocket ship thing and Jaden got a My Little Pony Ponyville Amusement Park thing (which Jaden went ape shit over I might add.).

After more presents and visiting we all went home.


The next morning, Jaden came out to the livingroom to see that Santa had come again. I would post a video but it’s very long and not much happens because it would seem that Jaden used all her enthusiasm for Santa up the previous night. The best part was her reaction to seeing the plate of cookie crumbs: “The cookies died!”

After convincing her the cookies had NOT died but were eaten by Santa she sat down to open her gift from Santa:

Uh….yeah. Glad you like it, kid. Can you hear the desperation in our voices pleading for some kind of enthusiasm for getting the ONE THING SHE WANTED MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!

Moving on:


I didn’t get any video of my side of the family. Rest assured that the house was clean and the food was tasty and the kids were all well behaved and Jaden and Jonas were spoiled for the third day in a row. Aren’t you all relieved. We also had a very fun Wii-fest while Jaden got dramatic in her room. After telling her I would be right back to play with her after I said good bye to my brother, I returned to find her laying on her floor, her head on her ugly dolls, staring at the floor. “What’s wrong, J?” I asked.

“I’m all alone.”

Geez, Jaden, over-act much?


For their final number, The Bingmars would like to perform “Wall-e, Toots, and a Song”:

Hope your Xmases were as joyful and gas filled as ours.


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