Quick addendum to Christmas excitement


Girl is totally up to something

So my MIL took the kids to see Santa last week. This is her tradition as I can’t stand the thought of waiting in a long line to have my kids sit on some dude’s lap for 3 minutes trying to coax just one friggen smile out of them.

Spirits bless my MIL. She’s got more patience than anyone I know.

Anyway, Jaden was terrified and didn’t want to go near him. Jonas was, well, 4 months old and did what he was told without protest.

I asked Jaden what she told Santa she wanted for Christmas (expecting the same “Littlest Pet Shop and a ball” response.): “A sucker.”

“And did he give you one?”

Again, why am I trying so hard?

Also, Jonas. Poor Mr. Jonas. He got his first cold over the weekend and we’re 99% sure he’s teething. He’s a trooper, that one is. I’ll post a pic in a second but first I have to explain the hat he’s wearing:
He likes to sleep with a blanket over his face. Mean spiteful parents that we are, don’t like to let him do this. We have this strange paranoia of our son suffocating in his crib. See? Evil and spiteful: thy name is Bingmar. Then one of us had the brilliant idea of putting this hat on his head and pulling it down over his eyes. Voila! He can sleep and we get a very cute welcome when he wakes up at 3am. Everyone is happy!

And now I present the Most Pathetic Teething Baby Who Also Has a Cold but is Not Letting It Get Him Down…Jonas:teething-and-sick

I’d weep for him if I wasn’t so overcome with The Cute.


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  1. the santa pic is sooo cute! can you send me one? please. pretty please.

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