Guess what guess what guess what!!

Christmas is 2 days away!




I’m a wee bit excited. Pretty sure I said this last year but I feel like this is the year to start traditions. I meant it last year but I really mean it this year. See, Jaden is old enough where she could remember things this year. The question is: What traditions should we start?


Yesterday at work some of the ladies were chatting about childhood memories of Christmas and things they’re doing for their kids. One of the ladies has kids that are my kids’ age (I’m talking within a few months of each other) and another has twin 8 year olds, a 2 year old and is pregnant with another. It was fun listening and sharing and discovering some of the similarities in the ways we’re passing on old or creating new traditions. Some of the ideas included:

  • Special “santa” wrapping paper. Only gifts from Santa are wrapped in this paper.
  • Setting out cookies
  • Christmas Jammies
  • Dinner and treats


Here I thought I was being all creative buying “santa” wrap for santa presents. But did they make cute little Santa tags like these:


No they didn’t!

The Christmas jammies are already wrapped and ready to go and although my dinner menu is being adjusted ever so slightly and I’m looking for a new chocolate cake recipe, I am continuing the tradition of corn pudding and cheesy potatoes. I completely forgot about setting out cookies (good thing I ordered Matt out into the snow storm this weekend on a completely unrelated mission to buy us Oreos for Jaden’s tea party, huh?). I mentioned this to Matt and he suggested setting out carrots for the reindeer and I thought that was just too precious. Then I got all excited because this means I get to buy a special Santa Plate! Matt tried being all “practical” and “responsible” by suggesting I just use one of my appetizer plates. But, psh, hello! Those have pics of wine and cheese NOT cookies and carrots or even Santa. He tried suggesting other things until I informed him he wasn’t going to win this one and I would be sure to find a cheap plate somewhere because everything’s on clearance now. I will not be denied my cute santa plate!




Also this year we’re changing the schedule a bit. In the past, my family has always celebrated Christmas Eve and Matt’s always had Christmas morning. But with people’s work schedules and kids’ sleep schedules things got a little jumbled and stressful until everything culminated in a 2.5 hour drive home from hell where I ended up in tears because my first hosted Christmas was not at all as I’d envisioned. After discussions with both sides of the family, here is the new schedule:

Christmas Eve: Matt’s parents house

Christmas Morning: just us at our house

Christmas Dinner: Matt’s Aunt’s

Christmas…Latter? (December 26): At our house with my family


This will draw out the festivities over three days, yes, but each day will be much less crammed and stressful. And I still get to make wings and potatoes and decorate and fill mini-stockings for my kids and my cousins. And Jaden and Jonas get to wear their Christmas outfits three times instead of two! Whee!


So, yeah, I’m a tidge excited for Christmas. Since our first Christmas with Jaden, it seems more magical than when were “adults-sans kids”. Creating the memories and holiday magic is a huge responsibility. But it’s almost more enchanting seeing the kids enjoy the hard work you’ve put in for them and knowing that some day they’ll take over making holiday magic for their own family. Some day far far away from now. FAR away.


For now, Matt and I are swimming in magic preperations and while I wish we had wands to clean the house, we know our hard work will pay off.


My question to you is: What traditions does your family have or would like to start?


2 Responses

  1. ooh. the excitement is contagious!
    hope your holiday is great!
    my favorite holiday tradition is making gifts. they are so special and last so much longer!

  2. pretty much the same as yours 🙂

    Xmas eve G-ma’s house in Elk River (only this is going to be the last year 😦 so sad ) and when we get home (if its early enough) Amaya & Tyson set out cookies and milk for Santa (Steven will be playing the role of eating the cookies this year…thank goodness cuz i am COOKIED OUT) and then off to bed and the rest of the gifts (you bet they have their own wrapping paper)and stockings come out.
    I normally do xmas jammies for the kids however my mom bought them two sets this year so Amaya got socks (long knee high ones with pictures :D) and Tyson got a bumblebee hoodie 🙂 woohoo!

    Xmas morning i wake up make breakfast and we open gifts…all is usually accomplished by 930 🙂

    Sometime after the new year we celebrate with my mom & dad and sisters and their kids…this year it will be Tuesday Jan 6th (i love bargin shopping for everyone after xmas)…and then the tree comes down that weekend….so sad.

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