J-Bird Saves the Day

It’s been a rough last few days around here, as I’ve mentioned, and last night was no different. Well, it was different in that Matt’s got my cold so I was flying solo on Operation: Make Jonas Sleep All Night. I don’t do well on solo flights. I’ll cut to the chase and say that at 4am I gave up and handed Matt a bottle with an, “I’m done.” And went and slept in J’s room with her.

It was an interesting role change:
“Jaden? Can I sleep with you?”
Sleepy J: “Yes, you can.” and moving over to make room for me.

I was then awake for another 20 minutes trying to stop my brain from freaking out over Christmas Eve dinner. A short hour later my alarm was going off and I tromped through the house hating every thing and cursing anything that got in my way:
“Eff you, Polly! I’m not feeding you! You have food! GRAW!”
“Effing clothes! There’s nothing here for me to wear! Nothing! He did all this laundry and didn’t wash a single top for me?? GRAW!”
“Effing legs! I’m so sick of shaving you! GRAW!!”

And so on and so forth.

I was supposed to bring Jaden to the dermatologist this morning and so my routine was pushed back half hour. Then Matt came in and said he was going to stay home and work because of his cold and would I like him to bring Jaden to the doctor. I honestly didn’t know what I wanted. I was so brain dead and close to tears from the frustration that is my pampered suburban life that I couldn’t say. So I told him: “I honestly don’t know.” He took over the thinking role and decided he’d take Jaden in and I’d bring Jonas to MIL’s and head to work.

And off I tromped but with a different direction: “Effing wrinkly pants! GRAW”
But I did NOT tromp at Jaden. I did my best to keep my temper in check with her.

I was rewarded for my efforts:

Tromping back into the kitchen for something, Jaden looked up from her cereal:
“You’re very pretty, mommy.”

And just like that, everything was better.

Thank you, J. You have no idea how much that little sentence helped fix your mommy’s outlook for the day. I spent an hour and half in traffic this morning but you think I’m pretty.


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