Make the vomit stop!

Just wanted to give an update on everyone’s favorite Human Vesuvius. I brought Jonas to the doctor last Friday for his 4 month wellness check up. I had to fill out this developmental check list thing and because I’m scared to death of being accused of lying on anything, there I was in the dr’s office enticing Jonas with a tissue then dropping it to see if he followed it with his eyes. (He did! My son: the genius.) Developmentally he’s perfect and right on track. He impressed everyone with his chattering and “gimme that Tigger” reaching; the doctor saw that he’s working hard on rolling from back to front and I informed him that he goes front to back all the time. (“All the time” being relative to, “NOT rolling over”? I don’t know. He just does it, ok? Enough with the interrogation!) His reflux is getting better but since he’s still spitting up Dr wants him to stay on the meds until he stops. I didn’t even bring up the whole frenulum thing for two reasons:
1) I think it’s starting to recede on its own.
2) What’s the point? No one in Minnesota will clip it this young and if it is getting better without external intervention (don’t I sound smart?) then why push the issue?

So Mr. Jonas is just perfect and healthy and awesome in every way.


He’s gone from being in the 10th percentile for weight to the 5th. In short, he needs to eat more. I felt so small and not worthy of my son at that moment: Shouldn’t I have known to feed him more? But he always eats every two hours, ever since he was born. But then wouldn’t that mean he should’ve been eating more this whole time? But if he eats more he spits up more. Well, I’m out of ideas.

Dr said to increase his feedings to 6 ounces and that should take care of it. He also said we could try rice cereal and see if he likes it but don’t worry if he doesn’t. He doesn’t need to start cereal until 6 months. It’s up to us.

I made the mistake of telling MIL this.

Friday afternoon I was sinus deep into my nasty cold so my boss told me to go home. While talking to MIL and letting her know I was heading over to get the kids early (because moms are sick in the head and can’t just go home and rest, no, they have to go get the kids first thus negating any benefit of going home early.) she informed me that Jonas really liked his cereal.

“He really liked it. He wanted his bottle more so we didn’t give him a lot but he didn’t spit out the cereal.”
“Oh, so you’ve already given him some?”

Maybe it was because I was sick and tired and overly emotional but I had to hang up the phone then or else risk having a complete break down over the fact that she took a very momentous “first” away from me. With Jaden we took pictures and videos of her first cereal experience and even if we didn’t get pics this time I WANTED TO AT LEAST BE THE ONE TO GIVE IT TO HIM THE FIRST TIME. See, I’m the mom. ME. It’s hard enough not being there for a lot of firsts that I have no control over but this? THIS?

That being said, I still think he’s too young to start cereal. J started at 5 months and I think that’s fine. I told MIL this morning that we haven’t given him anymore cereal and probably won’t until after Christmas. I’m hoping she respects this.

So how did the rest of the weekend go with his new feeding schedule? In a word: Gross.
In two words: Gross and stressful.

We’d been using the Platex drop ins but only have 4 oz ones. We do have “regular” 8 oz plastic bottles so we decided to use those since we were out of the smaller “drop-ins” anyway.

OK, that was mistake #1. The nipple and his tongue don’t like each other so he couldn’t control the flow and guzzled it down way too fast. (Before you ask, this was a slow-flow)

Mistake #2: We’re out of gas drops and didn’t buy anymore because I thought his prescription was good enough.

Mistake #3: We ran out of the prescription Sunday morning and couldn’t get it refilled because the dr’s office is closed on the weekends (yes, I told the dr he only had 1 or 2 doses left but doctor said “Oh the pharmacy will just call us and we’ll get it refilled.” Why he couldn’t just do it then, I don’t know. I do know that I’m not really liking this Dr. But I’m not getting into that right now.)

Result: A Sunday afternoon filled with so much baby puke, sour milk smell, changed clothes for mom and baby, gassy tummy, and screaming that I still have a head ache from the whole ordeal. However, I do have an increased love and respect for my husband for getting Jonas to calm down and go to sleep while I buried my head in the couch cushion and contemplated the wisdom in having a second child.

Plan for correcting this feeding debacle: Buying a larger drop-in bottle and gas drops over lunch. Already called in the refill for his reflux medication.

Oh and I need to find some asprin.


3 Responses

  1. i have Tylonel….sorry its so “gross” at your house 😦

  2. You know what? I have lots of thoughts on your post that I need to write to you later, but I am so mad for you re: your MIL and the cereal. You are a stronger woman than I for not going off. Hope your head is feeling better. Hugs.

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