Jonas-4 months old

I would just like to take this moment to appologize for the media heavy post this is going to be. This has been a very momentous month and, yes, I realize I just had a month where I was obligated to post every single day and thus had plenty of opportunity to post pics and videos but in case you haven’t caught on yet, let me say this once more: our external hard drive where we keep all pictures and videos is downstairs in the basement and MARCODA IS LAZY. Why go all the way downstairs to post when I can post something completely mundane and not life changing like Scrubs quotes and 5 minute chocolate mug cake from the comfort of my couch?

Dear god, why do you people keep coming back to this thing?

I’ll answer that:

Break-dancing babies, That's why.

Break-dancing babies, That's why.

This is Mr. Jonas trying his damnedest to roll over. I actually do have a video of him performing this feat, however, I suck at lighting and timing so it’s roughly a minute of a poorly lit Jonas face down on his jungle mat with a calypso version of Baa Baa Black Sheep playing before you finally see his silhouette flop over onto his back and hear me saying, “YAY! JONAS! There you go! Oh, look how proud you are.” Only you can’t look because I forgot to turn on a fricken lamp.

Hello, Longest Run-on Sentence In Place of a VideoClip EVER.

Remember awhile back I mentioned that Jonas is playing with his toys now but I didn’t get a video? Or also how we sing a lot at home? Or how Jonas is still having reflux issues? Well, here’s proof of all three!

I believe that is Matt singing, “Wash your hands with soap” to Jaden. This is not an isolated occurance in our home. Well, those particular lyrics are but the singing? Nope. Happens all the time. Jonas has joined in now too (please note the lifting of the toy hammer to his mouth and chewing and that smile and just try not to melt):

Jonas has been a cuddler from the day he was born but his cuddliness has reached the next level. He no longer needs to shove his face in the crook of an adult’s arm anymore. He has a frog blanket thing (that I know didn’t cost as much as Amazon is listing it for) that he cuddles with all the time and it is so cute how he nuzzles with it when he goes to sleep. But, he doesn’t stop at frog blankets:

Hello, Cousin. You look cuddly. Come here.

Hello, Cousin. You look cuddly. Come here.

Seriously, I just want to cuddle.

Seriously, I just...I just want to cuddle.

C'mon, Annabelle! The big people eat this stuff up.

C'mon, Annabelle! The big people eat this stuff up. We're talking double milk helpings here.

Eventually Annabelle came over to Jonas’ way of thinking but by then it was too late:

You can see my sister in law trying to soothe Annabelle’s broken heart. You can also see how Jonas’ callously ignores her pleas of, “forgive me, Jonas! You were right! We could’ve had double milk! I’m so sorry!” while he lifts is leg in what’s either an attempt to roll over or pee on the rug. I don’t think he rolled over…Just sayin’.

My brother, Brad, met his nephew for the first time on Thanksgiving. His reaction?

"Oh, wow, he's, like, amazingly cute. Like, almost too cute."

"Oh, wow, he's, like, amazingly cute. Like, almost too cute."

Brad thought Jonas was pretty cute too. HA! God, I’m hilarious.

Also: Physical developments galore!

He sits!

He sits! ("Please ignore my dad's hand propping me up.")

He falls!

He falls! ("Little help?")

He chills! "Hey, baby. What you doin' later?"

He chills! ("Hey, baby. What are you doin' later?")

He does all three and then finishes with a foot stand! (It’s like a hand stand but with feet.)

Man, a lot has happened this month. He’s improving his bottle holding: he now gets both hands up there but doesn’t quite have the strength and coordination to actually hold the bottle in place and drink at the same time. To be fair, though, I think we’ve all been there. Sleeping through the night continues to be touch and go: some nights we don’t hear a peep or he wakes up but talks himself to sleep. Others, like the past couple, he screams THREE  SEPARATE TIMES for a bottle and drinks 4 oz each time. I’m thinking…growth spurt? We’ll know more about that at his check up tomorrow. MIL keeps asking if we should be giving him rice cereal and I’m holding off and thinking 4 months is still pretty young for that. But, again, we’ll see what the doctor says seeing as he was so damn helpful with the tongue tied thing.

These last couple of days I’ve been taking his whole being in when I look at him. He’s so little but all of a sudden he seems so much bigger. He’s grown a bunch this last month both physically and achievement-y. Yes, every month is cause for astonishment at how quickly he’s growing. Yes, time flies. Wah and boo. I will choose not to dwell on how fleeting infant hood is. Instead I will focus on “Jonas: The Turtly Wonderboy”:

Happy Four Months, Wonderboy.

Happy Four Months, Wonderboy.


4 Responses

  1. He’s gorgeous! I love them when they’re this age. They’re all warm and cuddly, and better yet, they can’t get away from you while you’re squeezin’ them.

    You two are just as cute to listen to in the background as he is to watch lol

  2. Aw, thanks, Lisa 🙂

  3. soooo cute, even when formula is shooting out of his mouth (first video). is it strange to think that is cute? babies…

  4. Hey, comment #3 is NOT from blaberuscraniifer! damn him for not logging off! it is from me.

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