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Good while it lasted

Jonas is nearing the 4 month mark and while this is a cool milestone for him, I’m going to turn it back around to me. It’s what all good mommy bloggers do.

I’ve had four months to get rid of any “baby fat” I still have lingering after the baby emerged into this world. While I am back to my pre-preggie weight, my tummy is less than desireable. It doesn’t help that I have no money to buy big billowing ponchos and sweaters better able to hide the rolls either. Also, I really need to get rid of the giant mirror in my bedroom. It’s doing nothing for my self esteem.

To battle the bulge, I’d been cranking out some stomach crunches nearly every night but got lazy around Thanksgiving so I haven’t done them in a week. Also, I’ve been eating way too many items from fast food dollar menus. Sure, I could make my own lunches but that would require I, y’know, make my own lunches.

Yesterday I’d had enough and said, “that’s it! No more fast food. At least no fried stuff. Salads are ok.” But, alas, all of the salads were either made entirely of iceberg lettuce with a few stray carrots or way out of my meager budget. So across the street to the company cafeteria I wandered. Their salad selection wasn’t much better so I got a bowl of raw veggies and some fat free ranch salad dressing. The veggies were awesome but I was reminded of how very much I hate fat free ranch dressing. For dinner I made mac n cheese, broccoli and chicken nuggets for me and mini corn dogs for J. Not stellar nutrition but better than garlic cheese bread.

Today, after checking the status of our money, I hit the dollar menu at Taco Bell.

So…that was a fun diet.

What makes me so mad is that these “convenience food providers” make it so hard for anyone to attempt to eat healthier. I’m sorry but I cannot afford $6 for a salad everyday. And as a dear friend pointed out: why are veggies so expensive? You just grow them. There’s no feeding them or processing them. You plant, you water, you pick. That’s it. I stand firm in my belief that it’s all a great conspiracy to keep us fat and lazy. To that I say: “I’m already fat and lazy. I don’t need any extra help.”

That said, I’m going to eat my steak taquitos (with sour cream) and hope that I wake up with a flat tummy.


3 Responses

  1. $6 salads? Where the hell do you shop? You should really just try to buy loose baby greens, tomatoes, carrots, cukes and chop em’ up, bring ’em to work at then add dressing. Fills a girl up real nice and I’m pretty sure all that costs like $10 and makes like 4 salads. You’re talking to girl who eats ramen every day for dinner because it costs $0.39 and I don’t even have mouths to feed.

  2. my bad, i should not have told you to hit up the dollar menu. I was unaware of your ambitions. No more…

  3. I second Toots. Make your own from home and watch for sales and coupons. Sure, the salad won’t be as pretty as the $6 one, but think of the pure joy of positive cash flow…in your pocket, not some chain food joint.

    And let’s not get started on after baby bellies…

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