Mommy Daughter Day

Brandie was right: parents need one on one time with each of their kids.

Today was a good day with Jaden. We went to the movie then lunch and then had a badly needed nap. Afterwards Matt made dinner (which she ate! Huzzah!) then she played in the basement for awhile before coming back upstairs.  She asked me to play with her:

“Will you play with me?”

“Yeah, I can play with you.”

“I was sad because nobody was playing with me. I was sad in my kitchen.”

“Oh, sweetie, of course I’ll play with you. Do you want to play cards? A matching game?”


She can be a tad dramatic. I love that about her.

So I showed her how to play “Go Fish”. A pre-school version where we each laid our hand face up on the table and it lasted roughly half the deck before she was done and we went to bed.

Piggy backing our way to the bathroom for teeth brushing and then into the bedroomfor a bedtime full of giggles and kissing.

I could talk about how she spilled Sprite all over herself and me or how she “assumed the position” at McDonald’s so I thought she was filling her pullups but she wasn’t. Or how sassy the little girl can get.

But I won’t. Because today was a good day.  It was what we both needed:

“I had a lot of fun today with you, Jaden, going to the movie, eating at McDonald’s and playing cards.”

“It was my pleasure.”

Happy Glowy Day makes Happy Glowy Mommy and Daughter

Happy Glowy Day makes Happy Glowy Mommy and Daughter


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