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Blue Collar Baby

Last night we put the Christmas tree up and hung up the few decorations that we’ve got so now our home has a nice Christmasy feel. Last night I started working on the kids’ stockings and I’ll be raiding my mom’s house next week for some more fancy Christmas stuff so the house will be fairly vomiting with yuletide cheer by the time the festivities actually arrive. Matt put some light ropes up outside and discovered some nice wood pecker holes in the side of the house leading right into the attic. (SCORE!) No worries: Matt got some foam stuff and did some magic home repair so hopefully we won’t get any critters in the attic. Darn critters threatening to encroach on my habitat.

Since the house had to be picked up in order to put up Christmas stuff the house was generally clean. Today was one of those days where we had nothing planned. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, just being home with the family. It was great. We watched the Wizard of Oz, played puppy, read stories and slept. Good times.

At one point I tried getting Jaden to play Go Fish with me. She didn’t want to play a “grown up” game. She’s never played Go Fish before but saw the playing cards and assumed it wasn’t for kids. Instead we set up operations in the Play-doh industry:

I love watching her play with her factory. She’s so serious about her work. And yet she always stops to help a citizen who needs it.

Tomorrow I’m going to take her to a showing of the Wizard of Oz at this small theatre for a little mommy-daughter time. I’m very excited for this. We haven’t had any real one on one time and we’ve both been feeling it. She’s been very morose these last couple days and I think she needs some personal attention. A quick movie and popcorn may be a little weak in the bonding department but I know I’ve been missing my J. something awful so at least we’ll get a few hours together just us.

I’m rambling now because as I write this we’re watching Heroes. Damn good tv. The point is: I love my little J-bird and I hope she knows how much I do.


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  1. Oh dear god, she kills me with the cute! Was she calling you “camera”? Ha!

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