Oh, right, there’s a point to Thanksgiving

I’m ever so lame. I forgot the main reason we here in the States celebrate Thanksgiving. To be fair, though, I did explain the whole thing to Jaden the other night at bedtime (with the exception of the whole Pilgrims and Indian/Native American/American Indian thing because I thought that may be a tad over her head right now.).
It went as follows:
“Tomorrow we’re going to go to Daddy’s aunt’s house and then mommy’s aunt’s house for Thanksgiving. Do you know what Thanksgiving is?”
“Thanksgiving is a day where we get together with our families and think about all the good things we have in our lives that we’re thankful for.”
“Like, me? I’m thankful for our house. What are you thankful for?”
“I’m thankful for…my curtains!”
“You do have very nice curtains. I’m also thankful for you and Jonas. What else are you thankful for?”
“I’m thankful for Daddy!”
“Oh, I’m thankful for daddy too. He’s good people. I’m also thankful for Polly.”
“I’m thankful for Polly too!”
“Good! What else are you thankful for?”
“I’m thankful for daddy!”
“Yes, you said that. I’m glad you’re thankful for daddy. What ELSE are you thankful for?” (yes. I was shamelessly looking for a “Thankful for mommy” from my first born.)
“…Let’s read the story now.”
“Alright then.”

I’m glad I had the talk with Jaden. Thanksgiving seems to be one giant hectic race around town and we never actually sit down and think about what we’re truly grateful for. Here’s my list:

1) My family. Without my husband and children I would be nothing. Well, maybe not nothing but I certainly wouldn’t have as much love and music in my life. Or anything to blog about.

2) Our house. The other day I came home and I felt at home. It was a wonderful feeling. Sure it’ll probably bankrupt us but we worked hard for it and its ours and it’s wonderful.

3) The President Elect. For many reasons but mostly because my faith in my country was restored. That was the most important factor of Obama’s election into office: it made us truly proud to be Americans again.

4) Food. It may sound silly, but I’m grateful that what little food we have in our cupboards is in our cupboards and we’re able to feed our kids. There are so many people out there struggling to get even a small bit of food in their children’s stomachs. At least we can provide what we can for our kids.

5) My Laptop. Her name is Suzy. I love her.

6) DVDs on my ipod. ROCK.

Those are the main ones. There’s also health insurance, my car, etc but most immediately, I’m grateful for left over creamy herbed potatoes.



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