Rate Your Doctor

That is the title of the episode of Scrubs I’m watching while I relax with my husband after a crazy day of cooking, driving, running, pleading to eat/potty, eating, laughing, talking, baby showing offing, baby guarding, picture taking, driveway falling offing, and racing home to get big baby to bed and plead with little baby to please go to sleep…

I’m tired. And my ankle, wrist and knee hurt. BUT I made an amazingly wonderful and tasty potatoes courtesy of the Pioneer Woman (I used hash browns instead of mandolined potatoes and made a double recipe (except for the onion and butter part) and OH MY GOD.) and an equally yummy pecan pie courtesy of allrecipes.com. It was my first pie EVER and I finally got to use the pie baking dish we got for our wedding that I insisted we put on the list even though we’d never made a pie before (but it was red and so cute!) and, adding further to my awesomeness, I didn’t let the beautiful dish containing three pieces of the delectable pie fly out of my hand when I, myself, flew through the air when my ankle rolled off the edge of my aunt’s drive way and I plummeted to the ground and landed ever so hard on my knees and elbows. I wish I could blame the heels I was wearing but, alas, I was wearing the flattest of the flat: ballet flats.

The day was nice all in all. Got to chat it up with my brother and sister in law at Matt’s Aunt’s house and then got to chat it up with my brother (who finally got to meet his nephew) and his girlfriend. Matt got have a very mature conversation with my 16 year old sister about the economy. Jaden got to play with her cousin (which isn’t all that much of a treat as they play together three days a week but still.) and my brother’s stepdaughter and my little cousins. The cousin we were most concerned about in regards to getting upset over Jonas crying was very very well behaved. Up until the end when Jonas woke up hungry and pissed and I couldn’t calm him down so I got him bundled him up in his car-seat in record time while Matt wrangled up the overly-tired Jaden and out the door we fled.

It really was a very nice day. I’m not going to dwell on the one or two negatives* and just revel in the warm holiday glow that is Thanksgiving.

And not think about bringing all the craziness, willingly, into my house in less than a month.

I must book these guys for the madness.

I must book these guys for the madness.

*because honestly, Jaden is just as likely to punch Matt directly in the nuts at home as anywhere else. I truly think there’s a very big design flaw in the male anatomy.


One Response

  1. Sounds like a great time was had by all (minus Matt at some point, like, err, between the legs, poor bugger).

    Glad you had a nice time and your pie didn’t get ruined. Hope all the body bits that are hurting soon stop.

    And here’s me thinking I was about to start singing the praises of my doctor…who by the way, is fabulous! lol

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