Let the maddening begin

This past weekend I went to my mom’s house to get all crafty and make place cards and fall in love with glue pens.

While we were figuring out the number of place cards to make my mom said, “Did you include Dave’s girls?” (Dave is my mom’s long-time gentleman caller friend and he’s got two daughters.)

I said, “Should I?”

She: “I think so.”

I: “Will they be there?”

She: “I don’t know.”

I: “Well I kind of need to know, planning-wise.”

She: “Well, just plan on them.”

I: “Ok, fine.”

Me: “OH! Don’t forget Pete!”

I: “Pete? Who the hell is Pete and why am I feeding him?”

She: “Pete’s Kelly’s new boyfriend.”

I: “Are you kidding me?”

She: “No. Make him a place card.”

I: “I don’t even know if these people will be there and I still don’t know who Pete is!”

She: “Well, if they show up you’ll be prepared.”

I: “I now know why you don’t do holidays anymore.”

She: “AND if they don’t show up, Dave and I can bring them their place cards and guilt them!”

Why did I volunteer for this? Oh right:

Marcoda gets crafty

Marcoda gets crafty



3 Responses

  1. I think it’s like that for every family isn’t it? Then once you sort out the place cards you need to make sure the right people are placed in the right places. You know…you can’t be seating someone who’s had their head bashed against the concrete next to the basher. That sort of thing…or maybe that was just my wedding I’m thinking back to.

    Love the place cards, VERY cute!

  2. Cute! But a place card for your mom’s gentelman caller’s daughter’s new boyfriend, who may or may not actually exist? (Hey, your mom didn’t provide any physical proof…) Wow, now that’s Christmas dedication!

    If Pete doesn’t show up, feel free to save me his peice of vodka cake, ok?

  3. pete has a festive place card 🙂

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