Good, bad, ugly…although, really, there’s nothing bad or ugly about wine.

The Good

After I posted last night’s…post… “Entry” is much less redundant. Ahem, after I posted last night’s entry, I curled up next to Matt, glass of cheap Cab in my hand and settled in for a couple episodes of “Heroes”. At one point Matt pauses the DVD and turns to me:


“So, I’m thinking the people with the tattoos have been experimented on.”




“Yeah, and in the experiments they got these powers. Y’know, kinda like Maybelline.”




“Some people are born with it. Some people are experimented on and then get it. sings Maybe it’s Maybelline.”


The Bad

After the episode I declare bedtime and Matt pouts.


“You can stay up and watch another one but I’m going to bed.”


“But…but…if you go to bed I won’t be able to watch another episode tomorrow.”


“Yes you can, you’ll just have to decide whether you’re going to watch one episode twice: tonight and again tomorrow.”


“You’re evil.”


“Oh, I am not. Good night.” Smiling evily I saunter off to bed.


The Ugly

A few minutes later he enters the room with a scowl on his face.


“Hi, sweetie!” I greet cheerfully.


“Hi,” he replies glumly messing with his phone.


“What? No ipod?” I muse, “I thought for sure you’d be watching Venture Bros in bed.”


“It’s behind me.”


I laugh, he gets his jammies on then climbs into bed and hands me an end of his ear buds so I can watch too.


We’re gleefully laughing at the hilarity when we think we hear Jonas crying on the monitor. Matt pauses it and I get out of bed to answer the call.


As I’m walking towards the door I think, “Huh, it’s a lot darker in here than usual—“




 “You CLOSED the door?!” I cry out over Matt’s fits of hysterical laughter. “Since when do we close the door??”


His laughter follows me as I check on Jonas and the jerk is still laughing when I come back in the room.


Let’s see if he’s still laughing when I tell him we’re watching Scrubs tonight.


One Response

  1. You can watch scrubs in the bedroom. I will be watching Heroes tonight with or without you. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    But seriously…you should watch it with me…

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