Darn you, unnamed bad influence

I have three things that I’ve started this weekend and am now obsessed with and the blame lies soley with a certain Pink Hamster.

Three new obsessions in one weekend. Now that’s impressive.

1) “Hot and Cold” by Katy Perry. This has got to be the catchiest damn poppy song since Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend”. I “rocked it” as much as one can rock a poppy club song in my garage Saturday. In a Minneapolis suburb. In my Saturn. After making place cards with my mom. I cannot possibly get more white. Unless you add my lame ass dancing with Jonas in the kitchen to the song while cooking dinner. And the image of whiteness is complete.

2) “Twilight”. Fudgin A. I had no interest in this. At all. Then the Pink Hamster said, “You have to read this so you can go watch the movie with me.” So I forced myself to start it. And now I can’t stop. Which sucks because I was also introduced to Harry Potter fan fiction so now I have to choose which mindless and incredibly engaging piece of “literature” I’m going to read during my oh so brief and far between moments of free time. Free time that has also been claimed by

3) “Heroes”. Yes, I’m late in the game with this one. See, when you have young children and the only cable hook up is in the basement and is hooked up to a 13 inch tv AND you don’t have a DVR…Well, you miss things. We got our hands on Season 1 and Matt’s enthralled and I’m enthralled as well (not to his level) and we’re currently watching our 5th episode. Growing up I was in love with the X-men and always wanted to be Rogue. Not so much the “sucking people’s life force away” but the flying and super strength part. Bad effing ass right there. Anyway, I always imagined waking up one day and discovering that I had super powers (like every 11 year old out there) and so it’s pretty cool watching a tv show with those comic book themes but in a very real every day life sort of way. I was not expecting it to be so graphic. What the hell is with all the blood, dude? I thought this was a network show.

So thank you, Pink Hamster. You’ve ruined my life.


5 Responses

  1. HA! A ha ha ha! Revenge for Harry Potter has now taken place!

    I feel this is appropriate right now, for some reason:

    “Suck it monkeys, I’m going corporate!”

  2. ok so jealous of 2 & 3 (thankful that the first one may have finally dropped that horrific tune out of your head). I STILL dont have my twilight book! they finally refunded my money and I will not speak of the movie until I at least read the book!
    I want to get into Heroes…never seen an episode even though i am completely infatuated with it. My brother in law has season one…but you have to have collatiral in order for him to release it….crap.

  3. I too have taken up the Twilight Craze. Have not seen the movie yet but have read all 4 books within a 2 day period because I could not put them down. My poor husband having to hear about everything that is going on so I have someone to discuss this with and I know he wishes I would just shut up already.

  4. Chris had to remind me that I did not read the 4 books in two days but 4 days, though it really feels like two days when you get lost in reading something and cant stop, but anywhoo he seems to think I need to clarify that. So maybe now he will hush up! Sorry, had to write this to get some peace of mind.

  5. ha!! Rachelle, that’s hilarious (the husband correcting you and you feeling the need to cleanse your soul 🙂 )

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