One Year

We’ve been through a lot together this past year, WordPress. I can’t even remember my original template. There were so many at the beginning. I finally settled on one that allowed me to personalize it a little with a pic of Jaden playing on my laptop. That served me well for a long time. Then I got restless and daring and thought, “why not try this HTML thing?” Alas, that came at the cost of my wonderful personalized header and I was by no means creating anything ground breaking. But I was happy and now I can put all kinds of silly crap along the side and even a pic of my whole family there for everyone to see.

It wasn’t just the visual aspect of my blog that has changed over the year, WordPress. I struggled to find my voice and be comfortable with that voice. What kind of blog would this be? Strictly family or current events as well? How much anonymity would I keep? Would I keep a strict structure to each entry or would I just type until I got tired of typing? What about titles? Would they be relevant to the post or just a random thought that popped into my head that I may or may not explain? And, oh, weekly themes. I started and continued very nicely my weekly preggie updates but that was mostly because I got a weekly update from Babycenter which made me reflect on my past week. I tried to continue the weekly updates with Jonas and Jaden but life got ahead of me and I had my first stint of “Blog Fatigue”. I’d read other bloggers getting to that point and honestly didn’t see how that could happen. If one liked writing, how could one get sick of it? Then I realized that with any hobby, once you force yourself to do it, it stops being fun. And when it stops being fun, why do it anymore?

I didn’t want that to happen with my blog, WordPress. This was one hobby I was going to run with and not give up on. It was something that allowed me to do what I love best: write. But on my terms. No deadlines, no strict content guidelines. I was writing for me. And for whoever wanted to come along for the ride. Let’s face it: writers and bloggers do what they do for attention. Well, maybe not but they do want their work to be appreciated even if that work mostly constitutes rambling about daily life with poop and puke machines (oh so much poop and puke talk in this blog for someone who can’t/won’t do it when other people are around.).

And appreciate it they did, WordPress. Thanks to your wonderful dashboard stats I got to see my readership grow. Slowly at first and not near the levels of Amalah or PW or Electric Boogaloo, but it’s growing. Then, nearly a year after starting this thing I joined NaBloPoMo and was introduced to dozens of other bloggers and them to me and my readership skyrocketed to past 50 views on some days! Sure this is small by Popular Blog standards but I’m proud of it and happy to be part of this crazy community of bloggers. I’m a little late joining the game but dang it, I’m glad to not be on the bench anymore.

That was a weak sports analogy, WordPress, I know. But I’m not a sports person.

I’m a blogger.

Happy One Year, Marcoda.


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  1. I want credit for getting you excited about blogging.

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