Back to Normal

So I had this grand plan of watching Scrubs Season 7 (Thanks, Matt!) while playing around on the internetwebplacething after the kids got to bed but instead I fell asleep in J’s bed.
At 8pm.

And it was awesome.

I feel so much more like my normal self again. No more of this raging at random things that I would normally find amusing, like an article announcing Hugh Jackman being named People Magazine’s sexiest man alive on the front page of my local newspaper’s website.

Today I’m thoroughly amused by and enjoying rice with butter for lunch. Well I was until these wanks behind me started chatting…and NOT leaving to chat somewhere else.

Darn it. I inhaled a grain of rice and it’s now stuck in my nasal passage. I hate that.

Really! I am in a good mood today. To prove it I will now describe the scene at my house this morning that only yesterday would’ve sent me to the roof with a rifle but today made me laugh uncontrollably:

Matt’s stearing Jaden towards the garage and I remember to hit the “auto start” for my car. Matt takes both kids outside while I finish getting my shoes and coat on. I hear through the door a muffled, “The door’s locked!”
I unlock the door, grab my coat and the carmex for J’s poor chapped lips. Somehow hitting the “auto start button” and thus turning off the car.
“The car’s off!”
“GAH! I dropped the Carmex down the stairs!”
Hit the auto start. Run down stairs to retreive carmex.
“The door’s locked!”
“Mommy’s freaking out.”

After all that I almost forgot the Carmex in my pocket when we dropped off the kids.

Last night Matt got a ride home from a guy at work so I drove home alone. Which was probably best seeing as I was so very much in “HATE” mood. When I got home I saw the garage door was open which meant my family was home. In fact they’d just gotten home because there they were standing inside the garage waiving at me, Jaden grinning her goofy eyes squeezed shut grin. At the sight of that goofy grin, the rage and exhaustion melted away and I was reminded why I do this every day.

Then there was dinner and I had to repeatedly remind myself of that smile. I have no idea what Jaden’s deal is with dinner lately. Even food she LOVES is not eaten without massive pleading and threatening on our part. She was put to bed without dinner or a story Tuesday. Last night she eventually ate but it was a long struggle interrupted by displays of “hi-yahing” on her part. See, she was watching Kung-fu Panda before dinner and was demonstrating her new skills and proclaiming herself the Dragon Warrior.

While I was making dinner I felt the house shake and came into the livingroom and asked what that thudding was. Turns out Jaden was trying to do this “jump up” move where you lay on your back, throw your legs up and through the propulsion of throwing your legs back down fling yourself up into a standing position. Only Jaden is three. And not the Dragon Warrior as much as she may try to convince you otherwise.


Jonas…sorry I just need a minute to collect myself as he is truly the most amazing baby ever in the existence of babies. Last night I put him in his excersauser while I was making dinner and…people…he PLAYED. He played with this little sphere with tiny beads in it and he was spinning it over and over with his tiny fist. I don’t know how long he was in there but it must’ve been a good ten minutes. And I had no idea where the camera was because I suck so very hard. I guess he also plays with toys at Gramma’s house. It’s amazing how fast he’s progressing. He’s still so tiny but he’s moving along at a crazy pace. I’m so proud of him but it also reminds me how quickly infanthood will leave us all behind. *Sigh*


I just got a call from MIL and Jaden. Jaden wanted to tell me that she just went potty. At Wendy’s. Like in public and stuff. I promised myself I wouldn’t be a mom who got all wiggy when her kid peed in the potty but…This is just as huge as Jonas playing in his exersaucer and deserves gigantic huge freak outs of applause. It would seem our (matt’s) points system is working. She’s working her way fast towards that trip to the Science Museum.


So yeah, my bad. I meant to post this video over a month ago. I rock.

It’s supposed to be Jaden giving an exclusive interview on her life at school but really it just shows me how much I need to get her hair cut:

To make up for the belated video post, here’s a recent one from earlier this week:


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