That’s not mud on her face

“Jaden? Are you pooping?”

“No, I not pooping.”

“Yes you are! You’re pooping!”

“No, I’m not.”

“You are! I can see it on your face! Matt, check her.”

“Jaden, stand up. Yup, you pooped. Let’s go upstairs and change you.”

they leave and are walking up the stairs. An indignant voice carries back towards me:

“You can’t see poop on my face!”


One Response

  1. Ha ha ha! That little Jaden of yours is a smarty (not to mention a poopy) pants. Michael pointed out to me yesterday that when you ask Claire if she has a poopy diaper if she says “no” in a low voice she DOES have poop in her diaper, but if she says “no” in her usual 2-year-old defiant voice then she hasn’t pooped.

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