Christmas Christmas Time is Here (again.) (But not for awhile.)

Oh the holidays. I don’t know about the rest of the world but here in the U.S. we take the “Holiday Season” to the extreme. Everyone always, “Good lord, we just had halloween and they already have christmas decorations up!” but I think this was the first year it officially started November 1. No lie I heard an ad on the radio saying as much but the responding “wife” character said, “Yea but I discovered Big Box Store has lay away! I can put something away, pay for it a little bit at a time and it’ll be ready by Christmas!” You gotta love the retail industry for not letting a “severe recession” take away their christmas spirit.

Alas, I am also guilty of getting a jump on the whole “christmas” thing. Dude, shit gets expensive and we can’t afford to do all our shopping in one big lump December 15 like we always do. So for a few weeks now Matt and I have been picking things up here and there for the kids. We’ve also drawn names for his side of the family so we’re working on buying those gifts. If everything goes as planned we’ll be sitting pretty by the time December 15 comes around.

EXCEPT! HA! Ok, y’know how I always need some sort of project? Maybe you haven’t caught on with that because the past year has covered the two Major Projects of Home Buying and Baby Having. Well I’ve been chomping at the bit looking for a new project and today I got one:
I’m hosting Christmas Eve at my house!! Oh, right, Matt’s included in that (I keep forgetting about him) so let me start again:

Matt and I are hosting Christmas Eve at our house!!

See, my side of the family has always for as long as I can remember celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve. I really don’t know why, that’s just always how it’s been. There were a few years during my teen life when we spent Christmas Day with my dad’s side of the family but that stopped and we’re back to just having Christmas Eve. This works out nicely because Matt’s family does stuff Christmas.

Matt and I have discussed hosting a holiday but we were going to start small with, like, Easter or something. But then my mom called and she HATES the holidays (at least she puts on a big show of hating it but that doesn’t stop her from hosting Thanksgiving every year) and one thing led to another and suddenly I heard myself saying, “Well, maybe we could have christmas at our house this year?” My mom jumped on that and proceeded to talk me into it as she heard the hesitation: “That’d be perfect! It’s always nice having things you need available when you have kids, especially with a baby. And the boys (my cousins) are much better now that they’re medicated. Remember what a difference last year between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Little Matt was ready to kill Jaden at Thanksgiving but then at Christmas they were playing so nicely together.”
Oh, yes. I remember.
So I said, “Yeah, we could do that. We’ll have Christmas at our house.”
Mom: “Great! I’ll call Julie!”
Me: “WOAH! Wait! I have to talk to Matt about this first. This is the first time I’ve even mentioned maybe hosting Christmas. Let me call him and I’ll call you back.”

huh…I just realized that my mother may have been manipulating me a little. Man she’s good.
Long story short I talked to Matt, he panicked, I calmed him down and now I’m planning our menu which so far is:
Homestyle Turkey, the Michigander Way
Apple Pecan Cornbread Dressing

Easy Corn Pudding
Cheezy Potatoes
Matt’s Mashed potatoes
Vodka Mocha Bundt Cake

Yum, right? I think I’m going to keep it with just the main and the sides and not make appetizers. Matt pointed out that, hi! Someone has to pay for all this food. Oh, right, that…
But look what I get to buy!

Classy for the grown ups.

Fun for the kids!

And someone at work suggested I get crackers!! FUN!

Oh I am much too excited considering Christmas is not for quite awhile yet.


3 Responses

  1. Dude, you are BRAVE! But think of the fun decorating you get to do! And this gets you off the hook for holiday hosting again for SEVERAL years!

    And really? Vodka mocha bundt cake? Worth it right there.

  2. Mmmm, that meal sounds so good. I wish we were going to be there (sigh). Whenever I can’t be home for the holidays I always tell myself its no big deal, but the closer the holidays get the more of a big deal it is…I am already excited for the holidays–maybe its homesickness, maybe its having a legitimate reason to not work on a weekday. Regardless, for the first time in five years of marriage we are going to buy a decorate a real tree!

  3. positive note…your not doing thanksgiving which is WAY closer and WAY more focused on the food than any other holiday??? right???

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