Beurocracy at its best

So winter’s is just about to arrive here in Minnesota and with the changing of the seasons and in the dry air that comes with it Jaden’s eczema has flared up like you wouldn’t believe.

Her hands…her poor little hands.

(“Look at my hands! Mother said you could always tell a lady by her hands.”)

Time to find a new dermatologist!

She had a dermatologist in Minneapolis but the office moved to the exact opposite end of the Twin Cities from where we are now (at least in my head. I haven’t actually checked a map) and so it’s a bit far for us to drive.

My experience thus far trying to locate a dermatologist is a little too reminiscent of the search for a pediatric oral surgeon for Jonas’ tongue tiedness.

I called the regular clinic with no luck. The second one I called is two towns over (I feel so pioneerish saying that) and also had no luck. The lady did give me two numbers for dermatologists in the area but suggested I ask my insurance company if a referral is needed first.

Good idea, scheduling lady! I’ll do that.

On my insurance company’s site there’s a helpful little link one can click to submit a question. So I did. And I waited.

No response yesterday but this morning I got this:

You have a Secure Email message from

To view the secure message, click here.

Do not reply to this notification message. This notification message was auto-generated by the sender’s security system. To reply to the sender, please go to your secure message by clicking on the link above.

The secure message expires on Jan 11, 2009 @ 02:44 PM (GMT).

So I clicked the stupid link and set up some stupid email password thing and got the stupid email. That read thusly:

Thank you for your e-mail. Unfortunately, at this time, not all Stupid Insurance Company
groups are serviced via e-mail.
We are unable to assist you. Please
contact Customer Service at the number on your ID card (or
1-800-WE-R-DUMB if you do not have a card) for assistance by a
representative who is trained on your policy. Representatives are
available to help you Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 8:00pm
Central Time (except holidays). Thank you.

Are you freaking kidding me? First of all, when I logged onto Stupid Insurance Company’s website, I had to SELECT THE DAMN GROUP I BELONGED TO. Why would they offer the “email us” option if that group wasn’t serviced via email? Second: Couldn’t there have been an autogenerated message that could’ve been sent rigth freaking away to let me know yesterday morning that they suck donkey balls? Third: Growl. Now I have to call Stupid Insurance Company. TREAT.

So off I go to call and find out about the stupid referral. Sure I could just make the appointment and get her in but our luck we would need the referral first and then the claim wouldn’t be processed and we’d add another 12 million dollars to our Medcredit account.

I got another one of those “This is not a bill” things from Stupid Insurance Company. Am I supposed to keep those? I can’t help but think that it’s simply busy work for workers getting paid $10 an hour to process and mail these things. Sure it puts food on their tables but doesn’t make me hate the medical insurance industry any less.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll make up for my ranting post with some cute videos of the kids. Yes, I’ll do that because I’ve got some CUTE ones.


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