Goth Ewe Rampaging Before Dinner

Perhaps in another life that would be me. But in this life I’m a Tired Mom Brainstorming In Traffic. And even after all that brain storming I still needed the idea generator. Only I couldn’t find the one I used before so I found a different one. It’s kinda like madlibs but for idea generating.

It didn’t give me an idea for a post but it certainly provided a nifty title for the lamest post EVER. Exactly how lame can I make this? How about this:

Baby Marcoda

Baby Marcoda

You have just witnessed me jumping the shark by  posting a baby pic of MYSELF!!

Oh, marcoda. Just go to bed and cease this charade of quality blogging.

Well, poop on you, unnamed critic! I didn’t go to bed. Instead in a last ditch effort to save this entry I traveled into the future! ho-ho!! Yes I did! It was pretty much the same as today except for this:

Jonas 2009

Jonas 2009

Look at how big Jonas will be! And what a handsome little guy in his plaid and denim. Like a mini-lumberjack. And apparently some point in this next year we will be coming into some money to redo our kitchen all retro like some house in 1981…Huh. Not my first choice of kitchen theme but they say the future isn’t written in stone so who knows what kitchen design I will go with. After we win the lottery and pay off the medical bills and refrigerator and stuff.

So yeah, that’s all I got for you tonight: shark jumping baby pics and time traveling trickery.

Aren’t you glad you checked in?


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