New Feature of Marcoda’s Blog

Because I’m never happy with the status quo (what was I saying 6 hours ago about stability?) I’ve added a new feature to the right of your screen there. See I was sitting here watching my favorite show and hurting from the laughter at one particular quote (both the moment and the quote have been chronicled in the fore mentioned new feature.) and wanted to chronicle the awesomeness in my “thought bubble that’s actually more of a box shape thing” but there was the whole issue of it not really being my thought and the me wanting to keep a bubble-box for my own actual thoughts and so then I started searching for an image of Dr. Cox’s “Your colon has a bright idea.” quote (genius) but I couldn’t find it and then JD said that quote about jungle fever and voila! An idea was born!

Whenever I feel like it, I’m going to post me a quote with a picture of the character who said it. Fun, right?
Oh but it gets better!
“How is that even possible, Marcoda?”
Excellent question, fair reader! In a lame attempt at getting attention I’m going to offer SQuoM* Points to whoever’s the first to leave a comment with a description of the episode the quote is from. You will be deducted points for copy and pasting synopsis from the interwebs, you big cheater.

Will these points get you anything? Have you even been reading this blog? I’m poor, silly. So these points are just for fun. What? Collecting points for no reason is fun! Trust me.

*rhymes with gnome


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