A Day late weather report

It snowed yesterday morning. Sure it’s to be expected in November, especially in Minnesota. But that doesn’t mean I like it.

On the plus side, it didn’t stick around. Down side? It’s fricken cold outside today! It also snowed some more. The weather didn’t bother us too badly because we were inside watching this:

Oh yes. Jaden finally came around to our way of thinking and this morning asked to watch the “Halloween and Christmas movie.” HAZZAH! You see I forced her to listen to  “What’s This” in the car and, apparently, the girl dug it.


She’s a little unsure about the actual movie as there are some scarier moments (How could I have forgotten the whole “I am the one hiding under your bed. Teeth grown sharp and eyes glowing red.” part??) but she was really drawn to Sally and seem to appreciate the fact that Jack didn’t want to scare people anymore.

She asked for an encore presentation after her nap so it couldn’t have been too scary for her.

I’m sorry, however, for not delivering a fancy smancy pic edited with the help of my new photo editor. You see, I was too busy playing with my kids and, y’know, NOT editing pics. Here’s an unedited one for you:

The Endangered Polar Bear

The Endangered Polar Bear

Not good enough? Ok, here’s another:

Trick or treating with Pirate Will at Grampa Bob's door

Trick or treating with Pirate Will at Grampa Bob

My husband is threatening me to get my tush in gear and do some stomach crunches. Me and my big mouth.


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  1. Aw, your kids are real cute. Love their wee outfits 🙂

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