not exactly the drunk post I was planning on delighting you with

Damn us not having the balls to print counterfeit drink tickets for the company party. Oh well. We still had a good time and we got two iron butterflies, an appletini (heavy on the tini) and two honeyweisses and two candy bars out of the night. Oh, and the steak dinner and the bass dinner. Those were good too.

Unfortunately the whole thing took place 45 minutes from home and we still had to pick up the kids. Here’s an interesting query: why is it that when you have someone watching both of your children and you swear up and down that one of them goes down easy and the other may give them trouble, the kids switch it around on you? Jonas goes down for bedtime, no problem, 98% of the time. That other 2% of the time he may fuss a little bit. Tonight he screamed for a good long time until someone stuck another bottle in his mouth. The little glutton.

Jaden passed out on the couch with no fight whatsoever.

Kids like to prove you wrong even when they can’t speak.

Man, I’m going to go to bed now. Tomorrow I’m going to tackle a new photo editing program I downloaded. If it works, I’ll post the results and source site.

G’night everybody!!


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