Return to your lives, citizens.

One quick word about the election and I’ll shut up about politics for a good long time: Relief.

In other news, I transcribed the following story as told by Jaden and acted out by her fork and spoon over dinner:

Once upon the time, again, there was a boy walking on the street. He wasn’t supposed to do it. There were cars in the road. And there was a car race. He laid down with his sister. And when the cars win the race there was a great big finish line. And when the race was over there was a brother and sister walking down the road together. And they were walking on a road far far away and they drink their water “Gulp gulp gulp”. And they laid down and went to sleep. “Good night, Pinepee. Good night, Pawna.” And they lay down and they went to sleep. And they woke up and walked in the street and they saw a big car coming.  “don’t worry, I will protect you.”

Pinepah and Pine-a were very scared of the car. “Go away, car! This is our road! You go back to your baby. He’s crying.” And he smacked that parked car.

(Then the fork and spoon started kissing and dancing and the whole plot fell apart. Much like most movies out there. Oh! And ending: )

Then they lay down in they’re own beds and they never saw that big truck again.

The End.

I’m pretty sure I’ve created a monster as she’s now ordering me to type another story…this one’s much more abstract so I’m going to let it go. Perhaps the next time I’m stuck for post ideas I’ll ask her to repeat it. Nothing like making your three year old do your work for you.

In baby news: When I arrived to pick up the kids Jonas was crying and not happy. Then I came up to him and he started screaming louder but, I swear, he lunged for me like, “Mom! There you are! Make my tummy better! PLEASE!” So I took him from Gramma and did my thing and poof the spell was broken.

I’m feeding him right now. He can hear me shaking the bottle and his cries become more frantic. Then bliss. He’s happily eating and trying to hold his bottle. I forgot to mention that last night: He places his little fists on either side and he can balance the bottle between them.

Well, I should finish his feeding and get him to bed. J’s bugging, I mean asking me nicely to watch Kiki’s Delivery Service. I hoping she’ll get inspired for another story to tell her brother.


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