A Working Class Blogger is Something to Be

Today’s the day.
You’d think with all my thoughts and emotions and anticipation for this day I’d be able to write something more engaging than “VOTE OBAMA!”

But I can’t.

Today’s the day.
We have all have seen the ads, we’ve heard the rumors and hopefully we’ve done our research. Now all you and I can do is cast our ballot and hope “Our Team” wins.

Please let it.

Today’s the day.
My son woke me up at 5:15 this morning. A full 30 minutes before I had to get up. I brought him into bed with me and my husband and instead of going to sleep I held him close, rubbed my cheek on his fuzzy bald head and felt his tiny hand cold with morning press against my chin.

And I hoped.

Today’s the day.
My daughter just stumbled out of her room and greeted me and the new morning. She asked what I was doing. “I’m trying to convince people to vote for Obama.” She thought about it then said, “I have wet pants.”

Yes you do.

Today’s the day.
Watching the exit polls today with baited breath I will see if hope really is alive in America. Hope and change have been thrown around a lot until they’ve almost lost their meaning.

Not to me.

Today’s the day.
Get out there. Vote with your heart and with your head. I have so many arguments (women’s rights, economy, education, the war) but I can’t argue anymore.

I can only hope.

Today’s the day.
Check out this link. Read the platform comparison of the candidates and vote.



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