Vote vote VOTE

Why yes, I am a patriotic individual. Never let anyone tell you only the far right is patriotic.


This morning I put a little tattoo on my cheek and showed Jaden. She was understandably unnerved by the bright red circle on her mommy’s face. So I explained it to her:

“It says, “I WILL VOTE.”

“Vote?” she asked.

“Yes, sweetie. Daddy will explain the electoral process.” And with that I turned and left the room hearing Matt start his explanation: “Each state has…”


I love Matt. He never shies from explaining things that are way over my head. See, I understand how things work but I can’t teach others. This combined with the knowledge of my impatience with other people’s children one can conclude that it’s probably best I didn’t go into elementary education as I originally planned.


Side Note: Why did I want to go into teaching? Well, I did enjoy talking in front of groups and teaching fellow students through out my education so being a teacher made sense. Plus, I was a big fan of the Little House books growing up and thought it’d be awesome to teach a bunch of pioneer kids in a one room school house. I’m not sure when I realized I was graduating high school in 1999 not 1899 but the realization came in time. Thank god. How disappointed would I have been if I’d actually gotten the education degree and then discovered all one room school houses had been converted to giant 2-3 floor fortresses of elementary education.


Back to the topic at hand: Get your asses out there tomorrow and vote people. Our education system needs a-fixin’.


Say it with me now: “I will vote.”

Vote, bitches!

Vote, bitches!


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