Stop the bandwagon! I want to get on!

See that little graphicy thing on the right? I added that. ALL BY MYSELF. Can’t say I made it, this talented lady did. BUT I did spend a very very long time trying to figure out how to get it to show up. Please don’t ask me how. Ya’ll should know by now that I retain knowledge only as long as necessary to complete my immediate task.

What’s the graphic/badge thing for? Oh you poor silly ignorant. It’s NoProBlaMo Month. No, that’s not right. It’s NaBloPoMo month. WHOO!! What does that mean? It means that I’m going to try my darndest to post every single day in the month of November. Oh, my lovely readers, this is AWESOME for me. So often I have really important things to post but then I think, oh I just posted, people can’t be that interested in what I have to say that they check back everyday. But NOW! I have an excuse to write every day. You see if I write every day this month I’ll get another little widgetty badge thing and I’m a sucker for awards and recognition.

Today’s Topic:

Morning observations
After 30 minutes of “Can I watch a movie?” “After you go potty and eat breakfast.” “Here’s my idea: I’ll watch a movie, eat breakfast and THEN go potty” negotiations Jaden is sitting at the table eating frosted mini spooners without sitting on the potty, but she did change her own pull up. Which is why she’s no longer wearing pants. But she is NOT going to watch a movie. Because I’m a strict mom who sticks to her guns.

Jaden does not eat mini spooners with a spoon. (Woah, I just got the cleverness of that cereal name.) She has a spoon(er) and sometimes she’ll hold the spoon(er) in an attempt to appear as if she’s using it to put the food into her mouth. This is a rouse.
She’s actually picking it up with the spoon(er) and then taking it out of the spoon(er) with her other hand and eating it. And getting milk everywhere. I got her a paper towel (because I’m not as earth friendly as I like to think I am. Did you know I use DISPOSABLE diapers and training pants? It’s true.) and handed it to her asking her to wipe up her mess but then I thought I remembered hearing something about milk baths being good for the skin so I was going to let it go. But then she started wiping her hands on her chair cushion. Not cool.

Note to anyone joining us for dinner: Do NOT sit on the chair facing the patio door. Trust me.

And now she’s washing her hands with my hair. I’m pretty sure she’s already wiped them on the napkin. Maybe this is false hope.

And now she’s scolding Polly: “Polly get off the counter. I already told you three times ago: Stay off the counter!”

Jonas is being a sweet smiling little puke machine.

I leave you with the mental image of Jaden shutting her hand in the fridge. I wish I had an actual pic for you because oh.
The hilarity.

Welcome to NaBloPoMo! This is the kind of the hard hitting blogging you have to look forward to EVERY DAY!


3 Responses

  1. Wait! You don’t post unless you think we’ll find it interesting?! Ha! I post whatever I damn well please, whenever I damn well please, on my blog. It is all about me! Dang, girlfriend, you’ve got to have something that is all about you! Maybe you have more of a life than I do and there are lots of other things that are all about you… Pft, now I’m bummed.

  2. NoProBlaMo had me laughing way too loudly, for way too long. Thank you, I needed that. 🙂

  3. […] Part 2 Posted on March 1, 2009 by marcoda Because I didn’t have enough fun the first time and because I bow to peer pressure oh so easily, I’m doing NaPoBloMo again for the month of […]

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