Jonas- The Tongue Tied WonderBoy! Episode Three: Mom Chills the Fuck Out

Can't get enough of Jess's pics

Side Note: Can't get enough of Jess' pics

Janette called me yesterday and gave me two more numbers to try and schedule Jonas’ frenectomy. To be honest, though, at this point I just want to talk to a doctor who knows more about this sort of thing because obviously the pediatrician does not. This is not a slam on Dr. Ped, just a fact. At any rate I called the first number, which was for Children’s in Minneapolis, and asked about getting my tongue tied son’s tongue clipped.

Lady had no idea what I was talking about.

Shoot me now.

After being on hold for a few minutes (I do NOT exaggerate) she comes back and gives me the number for a “Feeding Specialist”. I take the number down as the term sinks in. “And this is for who?” I ask Lady, just to clarify. Lady replies, “This is for a feeding specialist as what you’re asking for, we don’t really do.” “You mean oral surgery?” I ask. “No, that’s a feeding specialist.” “ok, thank you. good bye.”

I then throw my little notebook full of phone numbers and notes across my desk.

WTF, People? WTF? I’m not looking for much; just one person that we can talk to about this. At this point I take Janette’s advise and bring up my insurance company’s website and look for my own damn oral surgeon. After many “page not loading” messages I get a list of phone numbers, send an email to my husband with the instructions: “You take care of this. I’m out!”

And he did.

Because he’s much better than I.

OK, he didn’t take care of it in the sense that we have an actual appointment to talk with anyone. More in the sense of we’re back to “wait and see” because doctors in this state just don’t do this type of thing on babies this young.

I can live with that. I’m still a little incensed, however, because I tend to dwell on “what if” scenarios a tad too much. My what if currently being: “What IF I was still trying desperately to breast feed?” What would the LC’s have told me? Matt put it plainly that they would have forced shields at me and there would have been much frustration on all parties involved and we still would’ve been supplimenting so YAY FORMULA!

In conclusion: Matt and I have decided to put this whole “tongue tied” thing on the back burner as it’s not causing any problems right now, things could be much worse, and we really don’t need another medical bill anyway.

And besides,  it’s certainly not affecting his smile any:


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