Jonas- The Tongue Tied WonderBoy! Episode Two: The Appointment is SO NOT set

My poor tongue is messed up.

My poor tongue is messed up.

At the close of our last episode of Jonas- The Tongue Tied WonderBoy I uttered the words:  *I’m assuming an appointment will be set at some point.

Oh the Fates. How they laugh at me.

I called the “Oral and Facial Specialist” to set the appointment (which, again, was a “simple matter of just calling, setting it and then bringing my darling boy in to get lasored) but Receptionist, let’s call her Renee. Renee got all alarmed when I told her my son is 2.5 months old. “2 months??” she cried in alarm. “Yes.” I replied fearing this was not going to go my way. “Could you hold for a moment?” Renee asked. “Yes.” I repled dejectedly. And I waited…

“Ma’am?” Renee’s cheerful voice was laden with a “wow, I have a moron on the phone” type of tone. “Yes?” I replied (I did a lot of replying). “Yeah, we only do frenectomies on children no younger then 6 years old.” “OH….!” A nice moment of uncomfortable silence ensued as I waited for guidance and she waited for me to hang up and go away. “Ok…well?” I started in the hopes that she’d go on with something along the lines of, “perhaps you should talk to your son’s doctor?” Because we all know I can’t think in the face of changed plans. But she didn’t say anything so I tried again. “OK, so I guess I’ll just…?” Again, nothing. “Ok, then, bye.” “Bye!”

OK, my new found hatred for receptionists aside, I’m more than a little pissed off at this whole situation. For many reasons which I will now lay out in list form:

1) I had to stop nursing because of this. Now, granted, I could’ve dragged my son to a lactation consultant (along with my three year old) and delt with their persistance and perhaps things may have worked out. But the fact of the matter is, I didn’t. I opted to pump and bottle feed because it would be less stressful. (HA!!!!)  And I’m not EVEN going to over the fact that all my concerns about his tongue causing “latching issues” with THREE doctors went unheaded. My point: what if I made a bigger issue out of this? Would they have clipped my son’s tongue then? Would it have made a difference?

2) 6 years old?? Are you freaking kidding me? By the time he’s 6 he’ll have gone through years of people having a hard time understanding what he’s trying to say and will have to take special speech classes. And what about eating an ice cream cone? Yes, this is still a concern of mine. AND at 6 years old, he’ll definitly remember the proceedure and will have a harder time dealing with it. Shit, I’LL have a harder time dealing with it. Have you ever heard a 6 year old skin their knee? We’re talking lazoring his freaking tongue! Although, since there are lazors involved, it may be easier to convince him to go. As long as he doesn’t picture the blasters from Star Wars. Which just brings me back to the argument of getting it done NOW.

3) THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE SIMPLE. Not one part of this has been simple. And yes, I’m dramatic, but, “Just call in, make the appointment and then it’s a simple same day proceedure.” does not translate into the run-around I’ve been getting. AND if you’re going to “refer” someone to an outside specialist, shouldn’t you know that specialists guidelines for these things. OR if you’re not freaking sure if the proceedure should be done, shouldn’t you refer your patient(‘s mother) to the specialist for a “consult” to find out if the proceedure is needed?

Well, I’ve freaked out enough I think. This whole thing is just stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. I left a message for “Janette” asking her what the hell I should do now and if she’s got any other specialists up her sleeve that I could try.


One good thing about my not pumping anymore, I can go home and drink that really large bottle of beer in our fridge who’s origins we’re still unclear on.


3 Responses

  1. It sounds like you guys have a lot of questions and your doctor is being very hands off (to say the least), which has its plus side. I don’t think doctors should be pushy but I do think it is their responsibility to help people weigh pros and cons of what and when they have done. maybe you should try talking to him some more. Since his own daughter also had the surgery he has definitely put some thought into it. If he’s unwilling to help you figure out what to do I might consider finding another doctor!

  2. Aw, man, this must be my week for getting angry at medical personnel, both mine and others. Ggggrrrr. I have a friend in AZ who had her son’s tongue taken care of before he was a month old and it was her pediatrician who recommended it and found the specialist. She had a hard road with him breastfeeding even after the procedure (I want you to know that so you don’t do that mom guilt thing of “if only…”). So, obviously, there ARE specialists who can do the procedure prior to the ice cream and kissing stage…by the way, which comes first? 😉

  3. Oh dear god let the ice cream come first!!!

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