The Changeling

     Once upon a time in the land of Bingmar there lived a King and Queen who had a daughter named Princess Jaden. Princess Jaden was the apple of their eye and they saw no problem in letting her sleep in the Royal Bed for so sweet and so tiny was she. Months went by and the princess grew and soon it was time for her to sleep in the Royal Crib. Princess Jaden did not like the Royal Crib and so loud were her protests and so tired were the King and Queen’s brains that they allowed her to return to the Royal Bed.
     Years went by and the King and Queen commissioned the local Wood Carver to build a beautiful Princess Bed. Princess Jaden loved her bed during the day but as soon as night fell and it came time to sleep in the Princess Bed a spell came over the lovely princess and she succombed to fits of screams and demands for the King and Queen to sleep with her. So tired were the King and Queen’s brains that they allowed this request to be fulfilled and it was decreed that from that moment on either the King or the Queen would lay with Princess Jaden until she fell asleep.  Princess Jaden demanded a subsection of the decree to be added that would allow her access to the Royal Bed due to bad dreams, upset stomach or just plain “wanting to” at any time during the night hours. The King and Queen allowed this addition for so large was their love for their little princess and so great was their lack of sleep. A so peace was again restored to the kingdom.
     Months after this decree was made, the King and Queen were again blessed with a child. This time it was a son, Prince Jonas. The little prince was everything the King and Queen could hope for in a little boy. However, the King and Queen decided that the Royal Bed could not accomidate two Royal Children in the bed nor could their bodies and brains accomodate any more battles as to who owned the right to sleep in the Royal Bed.
     When Prince Jonas was 2 months old, the Queen read a wonderful Royal Text that gave instructions on how to ensure a Prince or Princess would remain in the Royal Crib.
     “What a wonderful and easy plan!” cried the Queen happily and set the new plan into action: Each night Prince Jonas was given a Royal Bottle while the Queen or King read him a Royal Bedtime Story. After the bottle Prince Jonas was placed in the Royal Crib while still slightly awake and there he would fall fast asleep. Before the King went to bed, he gave Prince Jonas a Royal Dream Feed in the hopes that this would help the little prince sleep longer through the night. Prince Jonas would awake at 3am but after the Queen gave him a Royal Bottle, he would again fall fast asleep for the remainder of the night.
     The plan worked! There was much rejoicing in the kingdom as, at last, the King and Queen enjoyed full use of the Royal Bed without any Royal Children laying claim to it.
     The peace was short lived, however, for just two weeks later, an evil fairy came and took the little prince out of the Royal Crib and replaced him with a Changeling. The Changeling refused to fall asleep once in the Royal Crib and awoke every two hours howling in rage at the indignation of being forced to sleep in any crib, Royal or otherwise.
     Much rocking and walking and bouncing of the New Prince was done by both the Queen and the King to no avail. At last they gave in to the demands and once again the Royal Bed was conquered and the King and Queen were forced to sleep with a child between them.
     The story does not end there. Oh no. The King and Queen to this day hope and pray that the evil fairy will return their darling Prince Jonas and take this screaming bawling thing back to wence it came.
Have you seen this boy?

Have you seen this boy?


2 Responses

  1. I can neither confirm nor deny that I am the evil fairy who stole your child.

    And I’m not giving him back!

  2. Oh, yes the best laid plans of mice and men…and royalty. I thought for sure we would be a “co-sleeping” family before Claire arrived and I was never, ever going to give a pacifier. Well, guess what? Co-sleeping never really worked for us (but boy did I have some exhausting nights wishing it did!) and Claire got a pacifier (which she refused 4 weeks later and took to her thumb). My mother always says that your kids will prove you wrong…or at least render you useless due to lack of sleep. Have fun!

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